Is it really true? Is Blogmas 2016 already over? So many mixed emotions about this I can't even describe it. This month was INCREDIBLY difficult. My personal life was basically having a major freak out and there were so many days that I just wanted to call it quits. Not just my blog but also my job, friends, family, everything.

I can't pretend that my personal goal of completing a full blogmas didn't add to the stress. I wanted to make quality content but felt emotionally, mentally, and physically drained. There were posts I questioned or even downright didn't want to publish. They weren't perfect and they felt half-finished which I can't stand. But I worked with the time and energy I had and in the end didn't miss a day of posting.

Tired of me complaining? Honestly, me too. So how about I turn this around and talk about the good moments of December. There were a lot of them but, naturally, the negative events can overwhelm even the happiest memories. 


So the biggest addition to my social media was adding Instagram into the mix. At first I was struggling with my theme and was already disliking the way it looked. Once I figured out a technique I liked I've been so pleased with it. I knew gaining followers on Instagram is much different from Twitter but while I've been testing things out I was happy things were off to a slower start. 

Twitter has seriously become one of my favorite websites. The more amazing people I follow (and filtering the negative people) the more I want to take part of the website. Scheduling tweets is still maybe one of my least favorite parts of promoting but now that I have a set schedule everyday it just takes  a minute or two to prepare.

As of the day I wrote this post here are my analytics for Twitter:

  • 908 Impressions a day
  • 260,000 Impressions in 28 days


This is probably the aspect of Blogmas I struggled with the most. I want to smack November me in the face for not preparing more. There were so many days where no inspiration was hitting me and it made me angry. Writing posts out in advance was way more difficult this time than it was in October.

With working full time I would also struggle with taking photos which is why most of the pictures have terrible lighting or are copied from company websites (which I loathe). By next Blogmas I will definitely prepare further in advance... like maybe July. 


My first post of Blogmas was my holiday bucket list which you can find here. Here are all the activities I was able to cross off the list!

  • Make a Gingerbread House
  • Have a Holiday Movie Marathon
  • Put Fairy Lights in my Bedroom
  • Throw a Christmas Party
  • Trim the Tree
  • Drive Around to Look at Christmas Lights
  • Do a White Elephant Gift Exchange
7/14 is 50% and I'll take it!



Now that December is over a new year is finally upon us. I will talk more about my feelings going into 2017 closer to the 1st but for now I can tell you I am ready for a fresh start. After this month I think I'm finally realizing there is a lot of change that will need to happen in the first few months of the year.
One of my biggest hopes for 2017 is that my blog keeps improving. But, even more than that, that I keep finding happiness in blogging. I never want this place to feel like an obligation or a chore. And if I'm being truthful those feelings happened a lot this month.
So who knows what the future has in store but I hope it's good and I'm ready for change! I'll be sending out a little Christmas message tomorrow but after that I'm going to be on holiday until just after the new year XOXO Sam

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