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Some people are blessed with the gift of great gift giving -- how's that for alliteration? Have you ever been given a present so you, so absolutely and completely you, that you think... Oh my, someone GETS ME.

I, no matter how hard I try, am just not one of those people. I am presented with the opportunity of gift giving and always end up frantically searching for something that ends up being just sort of ... meh.

I'll rummage through stores searching and scanning for a present, anything to give me that spark inside. I'll imagine giving that person a present that makes them burst into tears and applause for being just so bloody perfect.

But, my lovelies, I think I've found a cure to my poor ailment of never giving a great gift. That cure?

Customizable Map of Our Hearts -

This website is like a gift of it's own and for SO many different reasons too!

One specific demographic I find myself having the hardest time shopping for is the gents. It could be the fact that I was raised in a house of women but my closest, dearest friends are male. So how can I be so terrible at it??? has a section devoted to the men in your life. It's sorted into separate categories which honestly helps narrowing down your choices so much easier.

I'll give you an example, my nephew is a teenage boy and do you honestly understand how hard it is to find something a teenage boy would actually like? (besides teenage girls but ya get what I mean) Well this website has a ton of gifts just for teens!

Your mum having a birthday? Sister? Grandma? Well they have something extra special for all those lovely ladies as well. Check that out here:

Birthdays can be the least of your problems if you have something like a graduation or anniversary to buy for! I know I would have adored the My Life Story So Far Journal when I graduated High school or College.

My Life Story So Far -
There really isn't any reason to not find something practically perfect for all my favorite humans. And, to wrap it all up in a shiny bow, this website has some really cool practices for how they run their business.

Ya won't find any furs, leathers or feathers in any of the products. When you're at the check out for your awesome gift you have the option of leaving a $1 donation to a select non-profit. AND they put a huge focus on sustainability and an ethical workplace which is pretty rad in this day and age.

I can't even tell you how relieved I am to have somewhere I can go to find a great gift. It's really going to save my booty at Christmas time as well when I can't figure out what to get my Uncle for the 15th year in a row...

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The Show : Twin Peaks
Episode Count: 38
Seasons: 3
Where to Watch: Netflix

Twin Peaks Travel Poster by Jazzberry Blue

If you haven't ever seen a David Lynch film I would suggest you watch one before giving Twin Peaks a go. He's a brilliant director and there is a ton of symbolism in every single character/plot/setting. With that being said he is not everyone's cup of tea... or coffee - watch the show and you'll get the joke.

It's hard to say who the best character's are as they each bring so much to the story. They are all quirky and strange which is what makes the ensemble so much fun to watch. Although I'm still on the second season I am so excited to get to the new, third season. After the second season ended in 1991, the show became a cult classic.

If people are mad about the length of time between Sherlock seasons this one definitely takes the cake with 25 years. But from everything I've read it has been living up to all the high expectations!

The Show: The Handmaid's Tale
Episode Count: 10
Seasons: 1
Where to Watch: Hulu

This is one of the classic debates of the book vs. the tv/movie remake. The Handmaid's Tale is a classic novel and should be read before watching the series. However, as I know reading is not everyone's first choice if you choose to watch the show first you won't be missing out on too much. Because this show. is. incredible.

Elizabeth Moss has been one of my favorite actresses ever since I first watched Mad Men. She evokes so much emotion in her acting and Handmaid's is full of the feels.

What really blows my mind is how real it all feels. How direct the parallel is to the world we live now to what could possibly happen if enough crazy's banded together. I mean... look at our president.

For real though, watch this show.

The Movie: Okja
Where to Watch: Netflix

Okja by Loinvoyante

I'm sure, unless you've been under a rock for the past few weeks, that you have heard of Okja. People have described it as the modern day Free Willy. But I can tell you it is so much more!
I am an emotional person, something I've said three million and one times on here but this movie shook me to my core. I was angry. Like real, deep seated anger. And I smiled. And I laughed and cried and felt enraged. How many movies have you watched recently that did that?

If you want a synopsis you can read one at IMDB but I'm telling you, just do yourself the biggest favor and watch it.

The Show: The Leftovers
Episode Count: 38
Seasons: 3
Where to Watch: HBOGO

The Leftovers - R. Kikou Johnson

How many times can I talk about this show before it gets annoying? Well too bad I'm doing it again.

I just loved it so much and I find it really unfair that HBO promised them five seasons and it ended after three. But, C'est La Vie!

I've wrote about it before here so you can read my thoughts on that as well.

That's pretty much it for me recently. Between work and life I don't have a ton of time to watch new shows but what I do watch, I make sure it's good.

And one final note. Game of Thrones is back baby! Woohoooo


Who is this? Is this me? Coming here... with a blog post?

I can hear the roaring sounds of the audience in shock and awe. 

I've left so much abandoned when I started my job. I've left so much of myself behind. 

But I'm coming back now. I'm coming back to me.