If there's much to be proud of in the world now - and trust me there really ain't a lot - it would have to be the emergence of conversations about mental health.

So many bloggers, advocates, and companies are creating a dialogue about their own personal struggles with mental health or about the stigma itself. What this does is reach out to those who feel alone, feel lost, or feel helpless as well as educates those who may know someone struggling.

I think it's so beyond brave and strong for people to come out with their anxieties, depression, or ED. I know when I was in the throws of my personal ED I could only tell two people after months and months of suffering. But now I wonder if it would have gone differently had I seen/heard so many similar stories.


I know everybody was just in ruins that I didn't post last Saturday so I am sooooo sorry for that *lol*.

I actually had a post ready to go but for one reason or another the day came and I just didn't feel like posting it, promoting it, etc. I will definitely publish it eventually but there was something about this past weekend that stopped me.

Speaking of this past weekend (and what this whole post is about) I Vlogged! For the first time! 


So flash-back to when I was sixteen and had hopes and dreams of going to culinary school. Of course once I realized I was NOT a great baker that dream slowly fizzled into a hobby.

I do LOVE to bake but I am not good at it, something about natural instincts in the kitchen I assume. I could follow a recipe to a tee and still find a way to muck it up.