Disclaimer: I am usually the mayor of Singletown, so this one's a new one for me. But, as fate has intervened, I am currently dating and thus, have decided to make an idea list. There are so many fun activities to do this time of year. I mean like... so many. Just take a look at my Christmas Bucketlist (here) for examples. 
These don't even have to be couple activities either, my friends. You can go with your best friend, sibling, parents, grandparents, dog, what have you. So grab your buddy and get out into the wonderful winter wonderland that is Christmas time!

Drive around and look at Christmas lights

Bake gingerbread or sugar cookies and decorate 

Go see a Christmas production (The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol)

Cozy up for a Christmas Movie Night 

Pick out a Christmas tree together, even if it's miniature

Make each other Christmas ornaments

Find a place that sells the best Hot Chocolate or make your own recipe

Cook each other your favorite Christmas dish

Find a place with snow and build snowmen

Go to a local Christmas Tree lighting or festival of lights

Give each other gifts for the 12 days of Christmas

Find a place to volunteer or donate

Go to a local Christmas Market

Look up the best toy store around you and go be a kid for a few hours

Find a theatre that's playing a Christmas Classic

Even if the person you are dating isn't the biggest Christmas fan, creating memories like these will be something special to look back on. And who knows, maybe they were just looking for an excuse to be festive! I think I'll definitely be suggesting a few activities on this list XOXO Sam

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