So I am definitely not calling myself an expert here in gift wrapping. Actually, it's almost the exact opposite. You see, me and gift wrapping are long time enemies. But, I also feel this makes me qualified to talk about my tips and tricks of gift wrapping.
It's not going to be your Martha Stewart Gift Wrapping Guide (because I did browse through that one earlier this week and who is actually going to buy extra supplies just to wrap a present -- t-shaped rulers?). But if you're like me -physically incapable of folding paper around objects- then this one's for you kindred spirits!

Analyze your Objects

Before we dive into the complexities of actually wrapping the present we need to figure out what you're dealing with. What's the shape? Is it oddly angled? Is it tiny or giant? Is it realistic for you to wrap or should you resolve yourself to the forever-friend - a gift bag? 
These are the questions you need to ask yourself honestly before you attempt to wrap. Or you are in for a whole lot of cursing, tape, ripped paper, thrown presents, etc.

Pick your Color Scheme

I'm actually new to this this year. In the years of Christmas past I would borrow *steal* my parents wrapping paper the week I came home from school. But now that I'm a real human adult (lol) I bought my own at target. 
I must have stared at the bins at Target for a good twenty minutes before I chose my dominant pattern. It sounds so pretentious but once I found that I scanned for another twenty minutes - being ran over by multiple shopping carts in the process - to look for the solid patterned print.

Tools & Supplies
Add fun extras like stamps or ribbon

Find your Best Wrapping Position

I have always seen people do it on a table and I think that's my first mistake. I opt to sit on my floor and just get down and dirty with it. If I can lay everything out and get eye level I feel unstoppable. 
I also learned to flip the present upside down when you're taping it so that the top looks fresh and clean. 

Slow and Steady 

Don't rush it. I repeat. Don't. Rush. It. Take your object. Measure things out. Tape more than you think you need to. And be slow with the scissors. Don't get caught up in odd ends sticking out, those can and WILL be cut out after. After a few scratches and flashbacks to horrors of the past you'll be done! And everyone's just going to rip your present open in 3 seconds anyways!

I hope these tips even slightly helped you in your process. If they did, let me know in the comments below! Good luck and god speed XOXO Sam

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