So we've done outfits, budgeting, and gift guides... but still no makeup?! Well lads that's about to change because I have finally found a Christmas makeup look I'm loving. It's full of burnt oranges, reds and  browns which are seriously my favorite pigments at the moment. There is something about doing a smokey eye with those shades that makes me feel so empowered. I also don't claim to be a makeup expert but I do love the stuff and have been on a very up & down journey since grade seven! Does that qualify me? I vote yes. 


  1. I always want to start my skin off fresh and clean so I'll usually do a quick rinse with a face wash/micellar water and splash cold water on my face. 
  2. As you may have seen in previous posts my current foundation is the Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation. I'll apply this all over the face with a Morphe S7 foundation brush.
  3. After, I'll apply ELF translucent powder to set the foundation and give it a matte finish. Usually using an ELF brush I got ages ago (similar is a Morphe MB5 brush)
  4. For bronzer I use the Rimmel Natural Bronzer and apply this to the top of forehead, right under my cheek bones, and then around the bottom of my jaw line. The Morphe G7 is a great foundation brush and is so soft on the skin. 
  5. My last skin product is of course blush. I don't like a harsh blush look so I'll use an ELF blush in the shade blushing rose on the apples of my cheeks with a Morphe M142 brush. 

Brows & Eyes

  1. Eyebrows of are of course VERY important so I use Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Caramel. To apply this I use a Morphe B45 brush and start out on the tail of the brow first and then apply it to the fuller area, making sure that the start is the least shaded. 
  2. So part of the fun of the eyes was using my new Morphe 35OM palette that I received from my dear beloved friend for Christmas *yes I opened it early, sue me* 
  3. To prep I used the top rows third pigment and second rows third pigment mixed together on the crease. (I'm going to try to make this as easy as possible to describe since the shades don't have names).
  4. Then I took the third row 4th and 5th shades together in the crease and made sure it was blended evenly on both sides. I used a Mac brush I also got ages ago but it is a pretty typical blending brush. 
  5. Using that same brush I took the fourth rows 5th and 7th shades and went on the inside of my lid and outside of my lid and then blended throughout the crease. You really want to get rid of all harsh lines so blend my friends, blend. 
  6. Still using that same brush I took the fifth rows 3rd and 4th shade on the outer corner so that area was darker than the inside and blended that out. 
  7. The inside of your lid should look kind of blank so using a damp Morphe Oval Fluff Brush I packed the bottom right red shade all over the lid. Then took the Mac brush and blended everything together. 
  8. For the bottom water line I took those same shades from step 6 and drew right along my water line with a Morphe Angle liner brush. Then took a brown eyeliner pencil on the waterline. 
  9. For eyeliner on the top lid I used a regular black liquid liner and stopped at the end of my eye. Finally finishing it off with a Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara on top and bottom lashes.


  1. Lips is pretty simple. You can use a nice red, a darker brown, or a nude like I used. Whichever you prefer!
Let me know how you liked the look and I hope to do another look soon using this palette because I just love it so much! Tomorrow starts the 12 days of Christmas, and that means Christmas day is just around the corner XOXO Sam

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