The last week before Christmas has come and gone. AND GOOD RIDDANCE. Let me just share a moment of my week with you: a mannequin caught on fire at the store because customers keep trying to take clothes off of them to get the size and it rested on a hot light... I mean give it a rest!
I also had a great Wednesday night when I watched Rogue One with the boyo and my mates! The film was incredible and such a great addition to the franchise. I really don't want to wait a whole year for the next movie but they do such a brilliant job it is definitely worth the wait.
Here's my weekly roundup too!

100 Years of Holiday Looks

These 100 years videos are a serious addiction to me. I kept swept up in their trap and end up watching like 10 at a time. When I saw this on my recommended I almost squealed! I am always more obsessed with the early 1900's fashion and makeup but I love them all. Of course my favorite era is and always will be the 60's.

How to Throw the Most Glam New Years Brunch Ever

So let me tell you a little story about last years New Year brunch. I was so unbelievably hung over that I force fed myself tiny bits of toast and also threw up in the restaurants bathroom... twice. TMI? Perhaps. But it won't be happening again! This year I'll be in Canada for New Years and I am so down to have a glam brunch and not a sick one.

The Most Stunning & Creative Photos of Dancers from 2016

I have always felt deep down that I should've been a dancer. Clearly I have the grace of a clumsy giraffe but it still doesn't lessen the dream of being a ballerina. Just looking at how strong their bodies are is breathtaking. If I could have even a sliver of their talent I would be so happy.

What to do in Vancouver

As I said before I will be on holiday in Vancouver, Canada next week! I was on Pinterest looking for guides and I came across this one. Funny thing is these were actually people who went to my high school! They have great travel guides and we will definitely be looking at this throughout our trip!

Tomorrow is the last official day of blogmas and I'll be reflecting on the whole month! I hope you have a great Christmas Eve with your families and a very Merry Christmas as well. And, the first night of Hanukkah starts Saturday, so Gut Yontiff to you as well XOXO Sam 

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