I'm in an utter state of shock that the first month of the year is already over. I mean it's honestly blowing my mind how quickly this month went. Just thinking back to the beginning of the month when I was in Canada to now is unbelievable. 

I'm not sure that I accomplished everything I wanted to for the start of the year; but I am definitely making progress with some of my goals. There's going to need to be more effort on my end to make them all work out so that's going to be my main focus in February. Just zoning in and doing the work. 

I am also really liking the blog scheduling that I planned out where I post every Tuesday and Saturday. It gives me enough time to think out thoughtful posts and not just rush them out. I think I resented how difficult December blogging was but I was working so many hours at work, planning for holiday fun, & being just genuinely extremely busy. It wasn't a good combination AT ALL.

Now that I've settled back into a routine I can talk about all the things I was loving in January. For some odd reason I stopped doing these posts even though they are some of my favorites to look back on!

Beauty - Colourpop Palette (link here)

I really am seriously obsessed with my all the shadows in this bundle. They are so gorgeous and only make me want to buy every other sparkle-y shadow on the website. If only they had a store I would be in there every single day, no joke.

Beauty - Sally Hansen Nail Products

I read Wonderful-U's post (link here) the other day and thought her nail colour was so pretty. I'm always searching for a good nude nail colour and "Devil Wears Nada" is pretty perfect. I don't often buy Sally Hansen nail polishes but I think they really have a great formula that lasts for a long time. And I literally never use base coat but I thought what the heck, why not? And that is definitely part of the reason it has lasted as long as it has without chipping.

Beauty - Purify Mineral Mud Scrub

This product was given to me as a gift from my friend for Christmas and it is funnily enough from T.J. Maxx. At first I thought it was a face scrub which made me nervous because my skin is SO sensitive and I didn't want to try a product that would irritate it. Once I read the instructions - go me - I realized it was a body scrub. And it is bliss. Once you wash off the scrub your skin feels so soft and smells amazing. I would go back and buy this product over and over again it's that good.

Movies - La La Land, Jackie, Split, etc.

This month was really good for movies which makes me hopeful that the rest of the year will follow the lead. Last year had so much potential but SO MANY films fell flat (I'm looking at you Passengers). I did a review which you can find here of four films I saw but I went and watched M. Night Shyamalan's movie Split. I thought it was great up and until the last few scenes. It just didn't end the way I thought it should which is disappointing but C'est La Vie!

Television - Outlander

Oh my word why did it take me SO long to watch this show? I have not binge watched anything for quite a long time because I could not for the life of me find a show that held my interest. But this show is incredible. Jamie and Claire's relationship in the show is only the more real because it has so many obstacles to overcome. And I am now planning a trip to Scotland all because of how gorgeous the scenery in the show is, like honestly.

Hobbies - Hand Lettering

I've been practicing hand lettering and I love it so much. It is so relaxing to sit down, put on my favorite movie soundtrack playlist, and just draw out words and letters. I have been going through each of the guide's on One Artsy Mama's blog and they are so incredible. Here's the link if you want to check it out, I highly recommend!

Being back in California for February and not in the FREEZING cold in New York will be very strange. Even with the crazy storms we've been having I'm hoping my mental health is a lot better than it usually is in February. Especially since I won't be trapped indoors or running from building to building to escape the cold. 

I hope your first month was a great one and that you are still working hard towards making your dreams real!

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  1. i've seen and heard such great things about Colourpop, I NEED to own them all they're absolutely beautiful.


    1. The day I have a whole makeup drawer full of Colourpop will be a day I feel very accomplished!

  2. I love Color Pop products! It's amazing how vibrant their colors are! It sounds like you had a really good February!

    1. Lol I meant January, whoops. (I need more coffee...)

    2. LOL! Well wishes for the outcome of February are always welcome! And yes the color pay off is amazing!!

  3. I've been obsessed with Colourpop eyeshadows recently. Can you imagine if they opened stores?! X

    Jordan Alice

    1. I wish with all my heart that they would open a store or at least sell at Sephora!

  4. Ahhh, I'm so jealous of that Colorpop palette! I really needa get my act together and do an order!
    I'm going to the cinema to see Split this weekend, looking forward to it!
    Doune castle where Outlander is filmed is just 5 minutes from my house!
    Great post! X

    1. I can guarantee every penny spent on Colourpop will be worth it! And you have to tell me how you liked the ending to Split I still don't know how I feel?! And OH MY WORD I would give anything to travel to the filming locations for Outlander, it looks insanely beautiful!