GOODBYE 2016 // 2017 GOALS


I was putting milk into my coffee this past Tuesday morning and I looked down at the expiration date on the carton... January 3rd 2017. It's here my friends, it is really here. 2016 is soon to be a long and forgotten memory. Like the years past, just another insane grouping of days that will be marked only by big life events. All of those random days will probably be lost in the sea of other not so significant days. Feels mighty nice, if I do say so myself.

2016 was difficult. I've said it multiple times the past few months but, my word. The obstacles of this past year were very draining. On Christmas morning, as my family was sat around the table eating our traditional Christmas day breakfast, we reflected on the events of this year. And we all agreed even if you were happy personal there were so many upsetting or tragic public events you can't help but feel effected by it. 

The lives of so many incredible artists were lost suddenly. The political atmosphere in many different countries was dispiriting. I mean we collectively felt a loss of stability and hope in many ways. So I think that is what we are all yearning to leave behind in the new year. 

It has only been six months since I graduated from University and I feel very changed in a lot of ways. I've been hit with a lot of the cruel realities of the current job market. I've watched as other people my age have either found success or have accomplished nothing. I've dealt with my own insecurities that come with living home again full time. It was a lot of a lot. 

When I looked back at my 2016 Goals my word was discovery. Maybe that's where I made my mistake. Maybe discovery wasn't a good word because I sure discovered a lot of unhappiness in so many different areas of life. So I think my choice of my next word really needs to be something that is more personal to me. Even self discovery would be more focused on my personal needs, ideas, and values. 

I didn't want this post to be depressing but... it seems to be heading down that road rather swiftly. And if that's how my feelings are about this past year then hopefully by the time I'm reading it next year I think "wow, I'm so happy things are so much better in my life now." 

I have a lot of hope for 2017. There are so many days for me to begin again. So I'm going to begin January off with a quote from a very well known man. "We Keep Moving Forward, Opening New Doors and Doing New Things, Because we are Curious... and Curiosity Keeps Leading us Down New Paths." - Walt Disney. 

Some other smaller resolutions will be to keep learning even though I'm out of school. Whether this is taking classes in cooking or calligraphy or coding, I want to continue to learn. I also want to eat less sugar and make healthier choices for my diet and exercise (something I always tell myself). To do more creative writing. And to keep my blog going as much as I can. 

Happy 2017 you lovely people. I hope you are ringing in the new year with all the happiness and determination you can muster. For every one that has stopped by here in the past few months, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 


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