Sometimes I think about how exciting the world of makeup has become and it makes me all bubbly. With the internet and social media so many new and incredible makeup companies have come out of the woodwork. Colourpop, a hero amongst men, is one of these companies. 

The affordability of this company is really what makes it so impressive. Along the lines of Morphe, the quality is never sacrificed with the low price point. It keeps me going back for more every time because I know it's not going to break the bank if I see something I love. 

The Never Not Chillin' palette was on my Christmas list and I was so happy to open the packaging on Christmas morning. The outer package is so cute but the record label design really steals the scene. I am almost tempted to mount it on the wall of my room I love it so much!

Having used Colourpop eyeshadows before I knew they were going to be absolutely incredible. The reason I chose this palette specifically is that I always sway more towards matte eyeshadows. I have so few good quality shimmer eyeshadows and this needed to remedied. 

From Left to Right:
Peekaboo - Metallic
Desert - Satin
Thirsty Girl - Metallic
Patchwork - Metallic
Fairfax - Matte
Babykins - Metallic

If you've never felt a Colourpop eyeshadow it's like a creamy dreamland. There's really no way to describe it so I highly recommend seeing for yourself. 

While the colours Patchwork and Babykins are still a tad bit intimidating to me, I would love to have a day that I just rock it out. The other shadows are absolutely stunning and apply so well on the lid. I come home after a long and exhausting workday and it is still evenly set on my eyes. 

Now having tried the shimmer I can affirm that I really love the look. So, perhaps, there will be a makeup tutorial in the future using a shade or two of this palette! If you have any Colourpop palette's you think I absolutely need to try please let me know.

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