I'll just come right out and say it, I am in no way, shape, or form perfect. Actually, I am very far from it. No matter how hard I try to control situations I am not ever going to behave exactly the right way. I won't always say the proper thing or react with the normal emotion. It's just not in my  DNA and that's just fine with me.

That being said I am not someone who doesn't think about the repercussions of my bad habits. Just because I do the things I stated above doesn't mean I don't understand that they can/should be altered. But I do often wonder who made the rules for what makes a bad habit?

Here's an example of a bad habit of mine: I forget to/take forever to respond to text messages. I do this about 65% of the time. And people call me out on it all the time. I apologize and laugh about it but I know it frustrates them even though in my mind it really shouldn't.

It's not a personal vendetta or a blatant disregard for your time. I don't look at them and actively think "I'm not going to respond to this." As I'm falling asleep sometimes it hits me that a person messaged me early that day - or week - and I didn't to respond.

I get teased about it by my family which only makes me embarrassed that it became something of a misnomer. But if it's happened this often, for this long, why should I not accept it as a personality flaw instead of a "bad habit"? When does it just become my character and not a rude behavior?

On the opposing side, here's a bad habit that I feel is something worthy of actively changing: I can go an entire day without drinking a sip of water. I always realize - too late - that I am almost completely depleted of hydration when I'm about to fall asleep. 

I will go on random spurts of drinking a ton of water but then get sidetracked and stop. It's like an all or none situation for me, honestly. And this, to me, is what should be deemed a bad habit. 

So I decided to make a list about the things I truly think are bad habits. One's that I want to make a real endeavor to change. 

Drink more water

Respond to emails promptly

Stay organized

Think positively in negative situations

Make doctors appointments regularly

Stick with a workout routine

Go to bed early & wake up early

Eat nourishing food 

Don't buy trends, buy classics

I know everyone has bad habits that they are ashamed of but I want you to ask yourself if it's really a regular tendency or something more. 

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