This past week has been such an adventure... and when I say adventure I MEAN MADHOUSE. Work was so overwhelming and yada yada yada but it's done. And TOMORROW IS OFFICIALLY HALLOWEEN! Which means two things 1) this is my second to last blogtober post and 2) I am one day away from reaching my goal of blogging every single day this month. 
My darling little nephew came over Wednesday night to carve pumpkins and since this is sadly my last October 2016 post before my reflections tomorrow I figured I HAD to do something super pumpkiny. And what better way than a pumpkin carving extravaganza!


My precious little ginger nephew

My stepfather with my little nugget. Always let an adult make the initial cuts to the pumpkin! Don't want a pumpkin carving massacre on our hands 

The left pumpkin was my nephews, mine was the center (disney of course) and the right is my mom who has zero patience. Obviously I sway towards the opposite end of the spectrum and I can sit for hours widdling away. 

I know this post is super short but I am so so sad for this to be the second to last post of blogtober. Can't wait to share my reflections of the experience on my blog for the last day! Xoxo Sam

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