Freshman 50


I figure that this long bus ride will give me all the time I need to think of the 50 most important things I have learned my freshman year. (in no particular order)
1. Getting lost is not always a bad thing, you could end up meeting your best friend (talking about you Cassandre)
2. Do not lower your standards for friends just because you are afraid of being a loner.
3. Don't make snap judgments on people because most of the time you are very, VERY wrong.
4. You will stay in touch with people you never thought you would.
5. You will lose touch with people you never thought you would.
6. Skype is one of the greatest inventions yet (even if your mom doesn't like it).
7. The more time you spend alone, the more homesick you are going to feel.
8. Coline is the Netflix champion because she can watch an entire season of Desperate Housewives in a day.
9. Not having a TV makes for a more productive life.
10. Netflix will cancel out all that productivity.
11. Sometimes the greatest nights are spent watching a movie with close friends.
12. Making forts is still so much fun but sleeping in them is not.
13. When the news names something "Frankenstorm", prepare accordingly.
14. Target was designed to hypnotize its customers into buying 100's of dollars of worthless shit every time you walk through the doors.
15. Don't go to target more than once a month.
16. Every time, EVERY TIME, you have to use the bathroom, one of your suite mates will be taking a shower
17. Don't lose a friendship because you feel torn between having to pick sides.
18. Do not walk up a muddy hill after it snows (christine this one is for you)
19. Boys like to play music loud enough that they have the experience of being in an actual club (whether this is true or not is unknown, but if not I do not understand the purpose of blasting loud dub step music...)
20. Its okay to go to bed at 11 at night in college (the stereotype that college kids don't get sleep is mainly for those with bad time management)
21. It is possible to go to bed at 3 every night and still function properly the next day
22. Do not take more than 3 naps a day or your brain will stop working
23. Don't take naps after 6 p.m.
24. If you are going to watch a movie that your friend loves, make sure you pay attention so you don't hurt their feelings.
25. Don't drink chocolate milk before a speech or you will choke half way through
26. You don't always have to go to museum sight visits because most of the time they have every artifact or design on the internet.
27. Museums are fun and a great way to waste time.
28. Always, ALWAYS bring a book with you on the subway.
29. Take advantage of everything the college has to offer.
30. Don't be afraid to audition for something (lets just say rocky horror) and make a complete fool out of yourself because it makes for a hilarious story
31. Don't quit something because of one bad experience
32. There is a club out there for everyone.
33. Do the readings even if you have to keep your eyes open with tape.
34. If you think the teacher may give a pop quiz, always be prepared.
35. If you think the teacher is not going to give a pop quiz, just know that they are.
36. Philosophy is NOT for everyone.
37. Be ready to listen to people's opinions that are completely different from your own and accept them for what they are. (i'm talking about you annoying kid in my philosophy class)
38. Just because you were bad at a subject in high school doesn't mean you will be horrible at it in college.
39. Don't choose a major going in to school unless you are absolutely certain that that is the path you want to go down.
40. Changing majors is frustrating and time consuming.
41. Do not get stuck in the no-workout rut.
42. If you do get stuck in the no-workout rut, make sure you plan your meals accordingly.
43. Yoga is the greatest invention ever.
44. Just because you can't (and probably never will) touch your toes, doesn't mean you can't enjoy yoga.
45. Don't laugh when you're in candlestick pose.
46. Don't get behind on laundry.
47. The laundry machines will never be empty on the weekends and don't talk yourself into thinking that they will be.
48. Spend as much time with friends as you possibly can because summer comes faster than you think
49. Remember it is not goodbye, it's "I'll see you later"
50. Never regret how you spent your time, but cherish how that time was spent.

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