Sooo as of today it will have been exactly one month since I purchased my DSLR camera. I can truly say it was worth every single penny (even if it was worth a whole lot of pennies). I had always wanted to purchase a nice camera. Especially when I was living in Spain and traveling Europe, the crap point and shoot I owned just didn't take the most incredible pictures. It also ended up breaking the second to last weekend I was there so... there was that.

Once I made the decision to really amp my blogging game up I knew it was time to make the investment. But even if I stopped blogging for whatever reason, I would still own a great camera for the other wonderful moments that need to be captured in life. 

I do think that the Iphone or Smartphone camera are incredible. However, I still own the 5s and man... that picture quality is such crap. I ended up having people with nicer phones send me the pictures they take. And where is the fun in that?

I had researched a lot before buying my camera. I wanted to make sure it was great quality for the price and also not overly advanced. One of my close friends is an amazing photographer and he gave me some helpful advice. Then I saw the bundle deal on Best Buy and POOF I was sold. 

In case you are wondering what camera I have, it's the Canon ______. It also came bundled with a Macro lens (which I have to admit... have NOT gotten the hang of). I really am hoping to find more great lenses but let's not put the cart before the horse here. I still have so much to learn with the features of this camera. 

If all goes as planned I would also like to maybe... possibly... one day... film some videos for Youtube. But I do feel it is a long way off. I really want to master the blog photography art before I venture into videography. 

So my advice after buying my beloved DSLR is to really think about it as a life investment. It is expensive and like I said, other cameras can be just as good. But I am so so happy that I took the plunge and bought one. 

Let me know if you've purchased a DSLR or if you've found any great websites for tips on settings/features of your camera. I'm always ready to learn more! Xoxo Sam 

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