A while back I did a blog post about my daily routine (which you can find here) while I was still in university. Now that I'm out of education, my schedule definitely varies. My job isn't a 9-5 in any way, shape or form so sometimes my routine is changed based on my hours. It does get kind of frustrating, not going to lie, when you want structure but at the same time get bored of the daily grind. 
So I thought I would share both my morning and night time routine on a typical day.


Morning //

7 am : Alarm goes off, I check twitter and blogger on my phone to make sure the scheduling worked/blog links work

7 am - 8 am: Lay in bed contemplating life/ getting caught up with social media. Also rolling down the stairs for a cup of coffee and then flinging myself back to bed.

8 am: Find inspiration for blog posts & read through emails

9 am: Shower (wash my hair every three days as I naturally don't have oily hair) 

9:30 am: Check youtube subscription box & sit down to do my makeup

10 am: make my hair less of a mess (some mornings there's no will power) & find an outfit for the day 

10:30 am: go downstairs to grab a snack & get on with my day!

Evening //

8 pm : Usually there's a show I need to catch up on or videos on youtube I can watch

9 pm: If no one's texted me by this point in the night to hang out I'll go take all my makeup off ~ Micellar Water first, a second rinse with lukewarm water, and brush my teeth ~ get into jim jams

10 pm: make sure all twitter posts are scheduled and that the blog is ready for the morning 

10:30 pm -11 pm: If I'm feeling ambitious I'll read but for the most part I'll just watch more youtube or play around on my phone 

11 pm - 12 am: Will myself to fall asleep and if that doesn't work take melatonin until I finally drift off into slumber

I actually really enjoy having the hours in the morning to do doddle around. If you read my previous daily routine I would get up immediately to get ready but I found that makes me very on edge. Of course if I have to be at work before 7 the morning routine would be condensed to just shower & makeup. And if I work until 10 (which happens quite a bit) I'll go to bed much later. 
Share your daily routines with me in the comments I always love getting a little sneaky peak in your day! Only 11 more days until Halloween my lovelies Xoxo Sam

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