Oh October, it feels like I'm always ready for you to arrive and just like that your almost done. I think it's wonderful how much the blogging community embraces seasons. Honestly, many of my friends scoff at me for buying pumpkin scented candles and decorating my room for Halloween. But then I go on Twitter or Instagram and see all the other lovely blogging humans doing the same! If I could give each and every one of you a hug I would. 
I thought it would be fun to post some of the interesting articles I've found throughout this week for you! 


I mean how much more excited can one be for the new four episode release of Gilmore Girls! I binge watched this show during my time in Spain and it made me fall in love with the East Coast when I wasn't even there. Honestly can't wait to see all our friends in Stars Hallow again! And also for all the people talking about the photoshop on the pictures... welcome to the 21st century.

27 Crazy-Affordable Drugstore Beauty

As much as I love higher quality brand name beauty products I do think there is a lot of merit in drugstore or High street products as well. Anytime someone suggests a drugstore beauty product I find I am more prone to go purchase it as I know it won't brake the bank.

6 Cold-Weather Beauty Must-Haves

I love that this article is from PETA because they only post cruelty-free brand names. And although the weather in Southern California is still not cold *sigh* so many other places are gearing up for colder weather! Time to take out that moisturizer again my friends.

14 Fairytale Towns in Europe

I think it's the holiday season that always makes me want to visit adorable little hidden towns in Europe. These pictures literally made me shed a tear they are so perfect. Can someone come take me away to travel to all these lovely places?

I hope your week has been just as wonderful as you are! Tomorrow will be a magical blog post and I can't wait to share it with you Xoxo Sam

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