The Beauty & Blogging Standard

This is a very spur of the moment post so... bear with me. I believe I mentioned in my post "Is Blogging Worth It?" that a year ago was really when I started to become more interested in investing time and energy on my blog. I had been following certain accounts for so long and never took time to look at new/upcoming blogs. Once I started following the beauty community more is when I really reached peak inspiration. This experience, I would say, was both good and bad.

The beauty community, and more specifically the blogging community, is very tumultuous. On the one hand you have body positive influences, more woman just like you sharing their advice. I would say that someone doing a social experiment on the current young women blogging community would find a lot of interesting data. Because where there is positive influence, there is an equal amount of negative. 

Everyone knows about the unrealistic expectations that many celebrities set the standard for. But with youtube/social media/blogging, these are real people. People, like I said above, just like you and me. They were once a teen on their computers typing away or recording videos for the big cyber world. With Instagram comes an even higher level of influencers that creep slowly into your feed through gorgeous tropical island shots or the newest makeup trend. And while this side of blogging is expected, I also think it could be slightly... detrimental?

Now, talking from personal experience, I was a model in New York City for three years. I walked in fashion week and posed with other beautiful men and women in front of large amounts of people. There were times where I would come home and fixate on something that was said to me. Something about MY body, something I couldn't change. There is a reason I quit when I did and never looked back. Because the expectations didn't stop with other people... I expected a lot from myself as well. 
I wanted to be thin, successful, and rich. I saw the lives of other successful models and thought if I really invest in this, I will be fulfilled. If other people were doing it, why couldn't I? And now, after leaving it all behind, I found solace in blogging. I enjoyed channeling energy on makeup and fashion because it was still something I loved to express. 

And then, when I started finding new bloggers/youtubers, that celebrity influence found it's way back into my horizon. There they all were, smiling and laughing with their brand new cars and luxury vacations. Shopping hauls and makeup reviews where I would literally sit with a pen and paper looking up the names and prices. I wanted to learn their nuances and quirks. To figure out the formula to achieve that same level. I didn't think it could fail until I realized... I wasn't even really trying. Here I was doing one post a week truly believing I was putting my full hearts effort in.

So I guess what I'm saying is (if you are still following along at this point wowza) to really evaluate what you're spending time and energy on. This new standard is a rarity and anyone that tries to tell you otherwise hasn't realized it for themselves either. Do I think you can do anything you set your mind too? Absolutely. But don't measure your own level of "success" to any other person. Even if your blog makes zero dollars for you or 300,000 dollars a post, the fact that you are out there doing it, that is enough. Express yourself, be content with what you have, and always keep pushing. 

I know this post is very... raw but hey, sometimes you have to just say what's on your mind right? Well, tomorrow is officially halfway to Halloween and soooo *drumroll please* I'll be doing a halloween costume post! So excited to show you all a costume I have planned for Blogtober xoxo Sam

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