I really can't even tell you how excited I am to dress up this year. Normally I wait until literally the day of to think of a costume. I would say that's mostly because in university... I couldn't stand dressing up. I knew what everyone else would be wearing (or not wearing if you catch my drift). I couldn't look at a pair of cat ears without rolling my eyes eternally. 
My senior year my amazing makeup artist friend did my makeup like Marie Antoinette. We took a subway ride down to the city (being stopped many times to take pictures with people) and wandered around the city. After taking a million pictures with random strangers we went back to campus and called it a night, just watching scary movies and waiting until midnight to go buy half priced candy. 
This is my idea of a Halloween well spent. Dressed up as much as you can and then just relaxing with some scary films. The parties should be had during the month of, in my opinion, which is exactly what happened yesterday!
And what could my costume this year be.... (drumroll please). 


Black Wig

This part really makes the costume because it's what makes Mia so striking. I found a super affordable flapper wig at Target and then bought a wig cap since my normal hair is pretty long. It is so fun to have a costume with a wig no matter what the costume is. I'm also thinking about using it for a Kylie Jenner costume but... we'll see if that happens. 

White Collared Shirt

Her outfit is pretty basic which makes this easy-peasy. All you need are black slacks and a white collared shirt (preferably one that you don't mind getting fake blood on). The shoes can either be the gold flats she wears in the movie or... whatever you want. 

Fake Blood/Fake Needle

This part is optional since for the most part her character isn't covered in blood during the movie. But if you want to go that route (which I think makes the costume even better) you'll need a drop of blood just under the nose and then blood on  your chest from the needle. If you are good at FX makeup it would be fun to have the needle transfixed to the skin of the chest for dramatic effect. But holding the fake needle is just as good. 

Killer Dance Moves

If you've never seen Pulp Fiction then... what are you waiting for GO WATCH IT! If you have then you would remember the awesome dance scene with John Travolta. So make sure you get her pose right and boom! You're Mrs. Mia Wallace.

Had to put a candid because this is my expression pretty much 24/7

Make sure you tag me in your posts for halloween costume ideas. I literally scour Pinterest just to see how creative people are. I swear I don't know how people come up with these incredible recreations. But I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy halfway to Halloween XOXO Sam

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