Let's be honest here loves, there isn't a person out there that doesn't appreciate a good filter. And as we blogger, well... it needs to be done. Don't get me wrong, if you have the best lighting and setup that allows you to shoot raw images then you are a master at photography and I commend you! But for us picture lovers who maybe don't own studio lighting you can really make your images look special with a fancy little filter and editing.
So I decided for today's blogtober post I would share my favorite editing apps and software. And here we go!



Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are you are aware of VSCO. I can't lie my friends, I use to use the pre-made filters like it was nobodies business. Give me a good C1 filter and I was content. If you go back in my Instagram to maybe a year or less, it's all harsh and vibrant colors. Then all of a sudden something clicked and I realized I could change the brightness, saturation, etc. for myself. Since then... I haven't looked back.

edited // original


I was introduced to facetune from my good friend who happens to be an incredible makeup artist. He was always able to make his makeup look extra flawless in Instagrams and I was major Jell. When he finally revealed his secret I was sold. However, this app can go wrong fast. Sure, you can smooth out your skin, nip in your waist, and whiten your teeth but be wary. While I think being your true self is absolutely brilliant, sometimes those pesky under eye circles from lack of sleep (HEYO) just need a little extra touch up. And please don't over use the Whitener... seriously.

original // edited


If you have Mac, chances are your pictures go to Photos when you upload them. Well, thank you Apple, they have a very simple and easy editing program as well. It is pretty similar to the VSCO app but is conveniently on your computer. I honestly don't believe you need to have fancy editing software to produce an aesthetically pleasing photo. Sure Photoshop can work miracles (like literally works of the gods) but it takes a lot of learning to ensure your picture looks perfect.


Lol see what I did there? Yes, photoshop is expensive and time consuming. It takes a very different skill set but I would say this to anyone... take a class. I took two courses during my time at Uni in photoshop and I still couldn't tell you I know everything. Actually, quite the opposite sometimes I would leave the classes and feel more confused than before. It takes a lot of practice and patience but if you are really wanting to invest in incredible quality and are looking to possibly sell you photos, then why not? I would never stop someone from going after what they want!

There are probably millions upon millions of photo editing websites out there. But, the one's I mentioned are my tried and true go-to's. They will all produce wonderful, quality photos. And never underestimate the power that natural lighting can have! I hope you enjoyed today's blogtober post Xoxo Sam

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