October IPSY Glam Bag!


Last month a few friends and I heard about Ipsy and decided we just HAD to try it out! If you haven't heard about it, it's basically a monthly subscription for a "glam bag" and a few nicer end samples. When you sign up they give you a quiz that determines the type of products that will be put in your bag. For instance, if you say you enjoy skin care they will send some facial cleaning products.
It felt like I was waiting for months...and months...and months... for this thing to arrive because I had missed the September glam bag sign up by a few days.
They really build up the release as well where you are basically left staring out the peephole of your front door waiting for the mailman to deliver the shiny pink package!

These were all the items I received in my Glam Bag this month! The first one is a type of facial scrub, the second is a pink-tinted lip gloss, the third is a really cute pink makeup brush, the fourth is a bronzy eyeshadow, and the last is a hand cream!
I'm not sure if I'm necessarily gaga over the choices but I will stay on for a few more months and see if they ramp it up or not. 
Still need to test them all out as well! Lots of love! xoxo

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