Halloween Outfit Ideas


So I guess there are various categories women fall under when it comes to Halloween. For the past few years I have been under the category of: No costume because you are resentful of all the stupid sexy cats.
Well ladies and gentlemen this year is going to be different! This year I am going to attempt to dress up BUT the problem is that I am having a hard time deciding what to be.
Let's just take the time to say that there shall be no animal ears, drawn on whiskers, or lingerie for this chicky. Nope if I am going to dress up at all it will be a beloved t.v. or film character!
I think the reason I started to loathe Halloween was because my freshman year of college I was bullied outside of a party. It was the first time someone had really said something incredibly cruel about the way I look directly to my face. Since then Halloween hasn't exactly been on my list of exciting holidays. Luckily, last year I was in Spain but even then the night turned out to be kind-of a letdown.
So here I am, senior year of college, and finally trying to get back into the All Hallows Eve spirit.
Here are my choices so far:

Mrs. Mia Wallace - Pulp Fiction

Lydia Deetz - Beetlejuice
Hypodermic Sally - American Horror Story Hotel (This is actually me... obvi. My friend and I were inspired last week after the episode but I liked the look enough that I may replicate it for Halloween)

So here is to hoping that Halloween doesn't totally suck like it normally does! Let me know what you think is best xoxo

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