Brand New


Can't believe I am actually writing this post from my room in New York! It has been nine long long LONG months away from this beautiful place and I am so full of happiness to be back. A little update on winter break: great. wonderful. full of adventure. WAY too short.

Leaving California on Sunday I felt very nervous. Almost as if I was moving to New York for the first time again. Of course that is a crazy feeling especially after coming back and surprise surprise nothing has changed! All my friends are still amazing. The school is still beautiful. And, although I feel I have changed, things are starting to feel normal again. Some people thing normal is boring but for me normal is calming. It was hard to feel balanced when I was constantly thinking okay just four months just four months just four months. Now I am cool and calm and completely collected. 
Seeing all my friends yesterday was such a whirlwind of emotion. Maybe it was the jet lag but by the end of the day I literally could not hold my head up for two seconds longer. 
Of course I already miss my mom and my home and my dog but just like New York, it will be there when it is my time to go back. 
I just have to remember to be fully where I am... 

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