Going, going, gone!


Aaahhh can there really only be two days of school left here in Spain?!?! I can not actually believe that as of tuesday my semester here will be over and every amazing person that I have met will leave. How crazy is it that you can look at someone that you have shared all these amazing and life changing moments with and think well I may never see you again... like ever.
On another note I am totally ready for the school part to be over with. As thankful as I am that the workload wasn't too demanding, I don't know how much more I could have handled. The organization and well english level of some of my teachers was severely lacking. *Note to self: Research school before studying abroad*
Also I am crazy excited for my family to get here! As much as I wish I could be home for christmas, I can't wait to share this country with them and show them a little bit of the culture that I have been living in for the past 3 months.
Yesterday a bunch of us took a cooking class in a 15th century cave and it made me super nostalgic and sad that it will all be over so so soon!
I know that everyone else if feeling the same way that I am. Which is torn about leaving because on the one hand you feel homesick for the US but on the other hand this experience is over. We will probably never be able to do this kind of thing again ever in our lives. I know, at least for me, that I have waited years and years for this and now that I only have a few weeks left... I would do anything to have just a little bit longer.
Well I should get back to studying since I have really been lacking in making any headway in that department.

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