So I will be the first person to admit that I am cursed with the laziness characteristic. I love nothing more than to sit inside and do nothing all day long. However, when it is time to get shit done. I do! There is just one thing that literally hangs over me like a dead cat every waking day. And that is finding a godforsaken internship for school.
I don't know why but I always convince myself I have more time. But last week a few of my closest friends were just catching up about all the things we missed while away from each other and each of them talked about their internships. Then there I was starting to break out into a sweat about not even having begun the search for one. The problem is that I feel finding a part time job to get money was a bigger priority but somehow everyone is able to do both.
After working three jobs last summer, I know that I just need to prioritize my time. My social life may need to take a little breaky-poo while I make my name known out in the real world. The hardest part is always starting and with a little push I know I can find something and make it work.
I swear one moment you think you're ahead and then BOOM you're ten spaces back and have to struggle to catch up. But this semester should breeze right by (just like all the other ones did) and before I know it internships will be the least of my worries as I actually enter into the JOB MARKET *screams in terror*

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