Procrastination Station


Isn't funny how our lives are a constant battle between trying to be ahead and procrastination? No it isn't? Ya I didn't think so either. 
This is one of my greatest problems because I do have that internal mechanism that tells me what I need to be doing but I also have an equally loud voice telling me it is okay to put it off for awhile. And it isn't! Never is it okay to let yourself get behind because in the end you are going to be so much more flustered and angry than if you had done it when you knew you were supposed to. (yay run-on sentences) 
But why do we let ourselves get behind? Is it the fear of the amount of work we have? Does it have some psychological undertones to it? For these questions I have no straight answer. And I am only writing this post because it is a good way to procrastinate on the things that I need to do today. So without further ado here are my steps to stop procrastinating: 
1. Go Someplace Quiet: This to me is the most important step because my brain can not pay full attention when there isn't complete silence. Even the slightest bit of outside interference really messes with my ability to focus. 
2. Don't think you can lie on your bed and do work: First of all a bed is for sleep and sleep is all you will be able to think about when you're laying on it. Don't worry your comfy pillows will be waiting for you when you finish the assignment.
3. If you have an essay assigned write a first draft in the first three days: obviously if the assignment is due in less than three days then your teacher is the devil and you should drop the class. But if you have a term paper due and you know that it is going to be worth a bigger part of you final grade then you absolutely have to get it out of the way. Even when I know I have a shit ton of other homework to do I can always feel better knowing that at least I have begun the creative process.
4. Keep your phone at least three feet away and on silent: If you really can't be away from your phone for more than an hour or two while you are trying to finish homework then maybe the problem is you and not your workload. Seriously the world will not stop moving if you don't check your snapchats 3 seconds after someone sends it to you (and this is coming from a snapchat fanatic). The more effort it takes to get up and check your phone, the less prone you will be to want to check it. 
5. Make a schedule of the amount of free time you have: A lot of people at my school have their class schedules written on the wall but for me I think it is better to know the times you don't have class. This way you can plan out when you want to get things done. Personally I am not a night person or a morning person. So I know that I need to get my work done during the day or it will never get done. The last thing I want to do is get out of the shower and read 3 Acts of Othello. No I want to sit and catch up on Breaking Bad so I read the three acts at 1:00 when I have no class. Time management is manageable I promise.

Well this concludes my procrastination blogging for the day. And remember to make time for yourself too, that is something you should never feel guilty about. 

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