Monday's Blue, Tuesday's Gray and Wednesday too...


This has been quite an odd Monday for my friends and I. It seems that everything we try to plan has a sneaky way of being canceled. For 2 months we have been signed up to go to Philadelphia this coming Saturday with the government club. However, they sent an email this morning saying how the funding for the trip isn't enough and it is "postponed" until next year. To make matters worse we had RSVP'ed to go to a fashion party in the city Tuesday night and my friend who organized it told us they sent an email today saying it was 21+. Hopefully the rest of this month isn't such a letdown.
On more exciting news, today was the warmest day New York has had since October and tomorrow it is going to be even warmer!!! You can feel the excitement on campus, especially on the quad where the majority of our school spent the day tanning (myself included). It is definitely the push the needed to get through this month.
Just 37 more days and I am California bound :)

How I felt waking up this morning. 

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