Good Friday... no pun intended.


To say this was a week from hell is an understatement. After an amazing spring break with my loved ones, the last thing on my mind was school work. I had a twelve page paper due tuesday and a friend coming from California on Thursday. As I was scrambling everything together (last minute of course) I get an email saying that the dorms are closing for the long weekend. So not only did I have a mountain of school work to catch up on... I had a friend coming with no where to stay.
In the end she had to cancel her flight and I found myself all alone with nothing to do and all the while watching my classmates pack up and go home for a few days. To say I lost my head a bit is putting it lightly. After an hour long meltdown and reassurance from my amazing mother and sister, I decided to look at this break as a time to be by myself and relax.
Today I woke up late and had a big breakfast with my friends Lani and Cassandre. I had a religion sight visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and we decided to make a day of it. It was finally a warm and sunny day in the city so we strolled through central park before going to the museum. We looked at all the old artworks and laughed when we found the people we thought they resembled. As it started to get colder I decided to come back to the dorm and do some homework and ended up writing my entire religion essay (3 WEEKS BEFORE IT WAS DUE!!!!)
I went to my friend Cassandre's room and we made mac and cheese and then my friend Lani came and brought us cookies. We watched Eat, Pray, Love (my all time favorite movie) and talked about all the traveling we want to do in life.
As I look back on this past week and think about all the stress and anxiety that I put myself through, it makes me realize I shouldn't take life so seriously. Although I am sad not to be with my family on Easter Sunday, I know I will be there in spirit. And I thank God everyday that I have such an amazing family waiting for me when I get home.
Happy "Good Friday"!

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