Spring Break 2013 a.k.a. How to spend a week in New York City


As spring break draws to a close, I find myself reliving the memories of this amazing trip. Although I didn't travel very far (however draining the hour long subway ride to school is) It was time to pack up my suitcase and spend some quality time with my amazing family and equally amazing friends.

 Saturday: Because St. Patricks day fell on a Sunday this year, the cities annual St. Patricks day parade was celebrated on a Saturday (and what a celebration it was!) The endless amount of drunk, and drenched/freezing, people was almost overwhelming. My friends and I walked for what seemed like hours in the snow to find the parade and we even came across this bakery called Magnolia that had one of the best lemon bars I have ever had. Finally my mom, Veronika, and Molly arrived (yay!) and we went with my friends to a little diner on Lexington and after walked to Times Square.

Magnolia Bakery

Sunday: We woke up and Molly and Veronika talked about how they wanted to go and see the Chelsea Market because of how often it was shown on the Food Network. I was completely in awe of how incredible this place was. There were so many different options for food, from Italian to Exotic Spices to French Crepes. After this we weren't too far from the Highline (which is one of my favorite places in New York City) so we walked over and pushed through the wind until we finally made it along the entire walkway. After that we decided to go and see Washington Square Park aka NYU's Quad. There was a guy playing the piano and I was amazed at how he could even move the joints in his fingers in the freezing cold weather. After this we went to one of my favorite food places Artichoke pizza. Once we were fed we went to Macy's and marveled at the size of this ginormous store and finally we walked to Rockefeller center and froze a little more. 

Chelsea Market
Washington Square Park
Artichoke Pizza
Rockefeller Center

Monday: After a bit of a struggle at finding out the Metropolitan Museum of Art is closed on Mondays we ended up down at The Museum of Modern Art and looked at some really interesting (and sometimes puzzling) modern pieces of art. After we tried to find a Kate Spade store and ended up at some random office spaces. But we were close enough to walk to the Flatiron Building and to Mario Batali's ginormous Italian food and wine marketplace near the flat iron building. After the tiresome day of adventure on Sunday, we decided to go back and rest for the night. 

Flat Iron Building

Tuesday: After talking to one of Molly's old coworkers about his favorite way to show friends and family the city, we decided to do one of the bus tours. Our first tour guide was some crazy little man who basically made up all the "facts" about the buildings. Once we switched to the downtown bus we actually got a tour guide who knew what he was talking about and we got a really in-depth tour about all the buildings and attractions in the city. We decided to try out this Italian restaurant called Grimaldi's in brooklyn. We walked the mile and a half across the brooklyn bridge (which turned out to be Molly's favorite part) and found the little restaurant on Front Street. We were welcomed out front by an old italian man and we ate the most amazing pizza I have ever had in my life. We even ate a cannoli because it would insult our waiters grandmother if we didn't love the family recipe (it was amazing by the way). 
Grimaldi's Pizza 
Wednesday: Finally Kim and Alex had arrived!!! First thing we did was walk to times square since Kim had never seen it. After that we got back on the bus and did the downtown tour again so we could go to wall street. Originally we were going to go and do the statue of liberty tour but because of the wind we decided to walk around wall street. Since Kim's favorite movie is P.S. I Love You, I decided to show her the Irish Potato Famine Memorial since it was seen in the movie. After we walked to Canal street so alex could buy a "Tori Burch"purse. It turned out everyone was too chicken to go to the alleys where the purses are sold. Then we walked up to China Town and Little Italy. 

Irish Potato Famine memorial

China Town

Little Italy

Wall Street

Canal Street

Thursday: Kim's 21st Birthday!!!! We decided to try again and go to the Met Museum. It was a blast seeing all the old fashioned dresses and famous works of art, even though there is no possible way to see the entire museum in one day. After, we went back to the hotel to get ready to go out to dinner and then to go see Scarlett Johansson in Tennessee William's play "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof." Although it was slow at times and kind of hard to understand because of the southern accents, all the actors were really great in it. 

Scarlett Johansson in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Friday: It had been decided that on one of the days of the break everyone would come up and see my campus. So we all trekked it up to the Bronx and I gave them a tour of the school and we met up with my friend Cassandre. On the way back we stopped at Columbia and then went to the very top of central park (which I had never seen before). After we nearly froze to death we decided to go back to the hotel and freshen up before going out and celebrating for Kim's birthday. That night we went to a place called Campbell Apartment which was a hidden prohibition era bar located in Grand Central. All the drinks reflected the 1920's style and it really made you feel like you were at a speakeasy. 

Columbia University

Manhattan College

Central Park

The Campbell Apartment

Saturday: It was the last day of the trip so everyone needed to get their shopping done. We went down to Soho and looked at all the designer shops. Then we walked to Greenwich Village for Lunch. After we headed back to the Hotel Room and sad goodbye to my mom, Molly, and Veronika :(.  Once they left we did a bit more shopping and then went to my favorite restaurant called Yum Yum Thai Food. After, I took them up to Lincoln Center and we walked by Julliard and The met opera. Then we went to see the Empire hotel (to ease our gossip girl obsession). After we walked along central park and saw Tiffany's (the same place where Audrey stood).

Empire Hotel

Met Opera (notice the fountain from Moonstruck)



Greenwich Village

Tiffany and Co. 

Although the trip is over the memories of this amazing spring break will last forever. 

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