'ello 'ello! Departing slightly from the regular blogging schedule because I was so kindly nominated by Chelsea at Think Feel Strong for the Liebster Award!


  • Post 11 Facts About Yourself
  • Answer the 11 Questions Your Nominator Asked
  • Nominate 11 Other Bloggers
  • Ask Them 11 Questions
  • Let Them Know They’ve Been Nominated

11 Facts About Me

1. I lived in New York City for four years during school

2. While I lived in New York, I modeled for three years and even walked in Fashion Week for Spring 2015.

3. I graduated last May with a B.A. in Communications - Advertising

4. I am very passionate about pursuing a career in Film

5. I'm in a multiracial relationship

6. I received a minor in Spanish without actually knowing how to properly speak the language

7. I lived in Spain for six months with my best friend and sister when I was 20

8. I'm beyond obsessed with my dog who is a mini Jack Russel Terrier

9. I wrote my senior thesis about Game of Thrones and then was asked to present it at a panel in front of hundreds of people

10. I decided to get a degree in Advertising because I loved the show Mad Men

11. I'm currently trying to write a fiction novel and movie script that I hope to have finished by at least 2018

11 Answers

1. What made you start blogging? 
I was sitting in a hidden section of our university's library with four of my friends and we all decided to start a blog. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who still does blogs

2. What is your favorite part of blogging?
Writing. Hands down being able to write is absolutely worth all the effort that goes into blogging.

3. What's your favorite food? 
Pad Thai is my favorite grown up food dish but then there's chicken tenders so... I'm just torn.

4. What is your dream job?
Write a bomb movie script, direct it with any actors of my choosing, become award nominated/female film legend.

5. What was your favorite subject in school?
English! I was always the kid who read all of the assigned readings and lied to their friends about it when they asked.

6. What is your biggest fear?
Losing my loved one's; such a heavy answer but sometimes I can't think about it without crying.

7. Morning Bird or Night Owl?
Morning Bird for sure. Grandma needs her sleep.

8. What's your least favorite part of blogging?
Feeling pressure to buy expensive products/clothing to become popular. It's a sad truth.

9. What post are you most proud of?
This is a hard one but I'm going to shout out my last post because it was one that I wrote when I was feeling passionate about something that was bothering me.

10. Do you have any tips for beginning bloggers?
Don't get caught up in the numbers, write posts you're proud of, be original, and don't feel pressure to be perfect. Also reach out to other bloggers (me included) if you need any help/advice.

11. Whats your favorite social media to promote your blog on?
Twitter! It's quickly become my favorite social media and the one I feel the most me in.


My Questions

1. If money was no issue, where is the one place you would travel?

2. Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

3. What job did you want to have when you were a child?

4. Do you see yourself blogging in five years, ten...?

5. What's one habit you wish you could kick?

6. Of the seven deadly sins, what would you say you have most and why? (pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth)

7. Who is your biggest inspiration in the blogging community?

8. Instagram or Twitter for blog promotion?

9. If you could live anywhere in the world for one year where would it be?

10. Your favorite blog post you've ever written?

11. What made you start blogging?

This was such a fun post to be a part of and I'm so excited to see anyone else who ends up participating! Thanks again Chelsea!

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