As millennials we are constantly appointed with the terms self-obsessed, over-sharers, or the all-about-me-monsters. And for better or worse they aren't wrong. In a world inhabited by Lena Dunham and Kylie Jenner there's no denying these traits are becoming more and more obvious.

Before I get all ranty I just want to say I'm clearly someone who also feels it's important to share my own personal voice with strangers. I use Twitter and Instagram to share even more snippets of who I feel I am. On top of that I have personal accounts for Instagram and Facebook (although I never really share on Facebook anymore) because I want to put something out there from my life that I found interesting, or funny, or sad, or just nice.

We are always so quick to call people out for being narcissistic or egotistical because they share a lot of selfies or say whatever little thought pops into their head. While, granted, there are young adults sharing for the wrong reasons (which is a whole post in and of itself) there are many sharing because they are trying to say "hey, I like this and I want you to hear why I like it." It could be a book, a flower, a meal. It can be lingerie or just a beautiful makeup job.

I read an article in the Guardian recently about Zoella and it really struck a nerve. The title alone was infuriating: "the vlogger blamed for declining teenage literacy." I'm sorry if this sounds naive but how can someone releasing books be blamed for declining literacy? when people are reading them? and also reading books by other Youtubers? *key word here 'reading'*

When I was a preteen I wasn't sitting down reading classic novels or books of poetry. Instead I read books like Wayside School is Falling Down which had a whole chapter on a kid getting a potato tattoo. But, you know what, I grew up to love reading immensely despite the fact that I read garbage books as a young kid.

The writer of the article then goes on to call Zoe a late-twenties teenager because she talks about makeup and enjoys eating donuts. I'll be sure to note that no one beyond their teenage years is allowed to like makeup or donuts. And these attacks on millennials are only appearing to worsen as I grow older.

I have taken the same paths my parents did by earning a degree and attempting to enter into the big wide world of "finding a career." Which, as I've shared before, has been a nightmare because I have coincidentally received a degree that could be the equivalent of getting a degree for playing solitaire online. Everyone can do it.

So I thought to myself "What makes me happy?" Literally the most basic and simplest question that one could ask themselves. For whatever reason a part of my happiness is writing about makeup or sharing my opinion on film. Is this hard-hitting news that will enrich the knowledge of readers far and wide? I'm going to say that's a hard no. Do I hope that someone will read my words and find interest or be influenced to buy something I think is worth having? Yes!

From what I've seen in my social circles of the blogging world is women building up other women. Making jokes, sending kind words, and of course talking about trivial things. Because that is the world we live in. To quote the new season of Girls "I don't give a shit about anything yet I simultaneously have opinions about everything." This is our generation.

If we continue to hold on to this idea that our world has been overshared then we may as well just get rid of the internet, do away with smart phones, stop advancements in technology, and stay stagnant. We can tell women like Zoella to get "a real job" and to stop providing a smidge of entertainment to a world full of pain, suffering, and unhappiness.

I commend you if you read this far because I know that posts like these aren't viewer friendly. It won't be full of pretty pictures or give you tips on the best date night look. But I felt the need to share it on my blog because I think it's a conversation worth having.

My hopes for the world is to show so much more compassion than we are clearly able to give. To value every persons ideas or opinions as valid because they are an individual made up of their own life experiences.

I hope your day is great, your doing your best with what you have, and that you keep sharing your gifts to the world.

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