Oh awards season, blessed are you. I live for award ceremonies. Mostly because I want to one day work in the film industry and hope to bump elbows with Hollywood royalty. But, for now, I'll settle with sitting at home in my jam's and daydreaming that I'm actually there.

There is always this mad dash for me to go see the films that are nominated in the best picture category. Unfortunately this year I have severely slacked on my film-watching abilities. I don't know how it all got behind me but I'm bummed. 

I have, however, seen a few films this past month and this month as well that I would love to review for you! So grab some popcorn, check your local theatre's showtimes, and get ready for some seriously amazing cinema.


This was such a stellar movie. I have only recently been introduced to the world of Star Wars and I'm so bummed about it. Much like Lord of the Rings I don't know if I had the patience when I was young to sit and understand the story lines. But now that I'm older things have changed.

To get into the movie this was the perfect connector between Episodes 3 & 4. The casting was perfect, with Felicity Jones at the helm (I have loved her since Like Crazy). Everyone made you feel attached to their character and - without ruining the ending - I really got emotional. 

The universe of Star Wars is so beautifully designed and this film takes you to so many different ecosystems that never fail to impress you. 

Rating: 7/10


I'm pretty sure I could devote and entire week of blog posts just to this movie. I honestly want to cry every time I think about it. I've seen this one twice so far in theatres and could seriously watch it 800 more without tiring of it. There has never - I repeat NEVER - been a movie that speaks to me so much.

Emma is as perfect in this role as they could have cast, honestly. And Ryan Gosling has the exact charm that makes you fall instantly in love with the character. Put them together and you feel like you could dance in the stars alongside them.

The cinematography, stark color choices, and locations all play a part in making this film extra special. I can't tell you enough - if I could shout from the rooftops I would - go see this movie in theatre. 

Rating: 1000/10


This one was tricky for me. I decided last minute to see it late at night and that may have been where I went wrong. I walked out thinking that the film was just okay but after a longer reflection it deserves more credit. 

I can't talk about this film without saying how incredible Natalie Portman's portrayal of Jackie was. I mean it was eery at times to watch her in the moments that Jackie was televised. This can be said in all the moments of her subtle smirks and voice tremors. You should see this movie just to see Natalie's standout performance alone.

My only criticisms were the moments I found campy due to too much CGI that didn't look natural. They tried to superimpose Natalie into certain scenes from the actual footage of that time and it appeared awkward at moments.

Rating: 6/10


Where do I begin? Arrival is everything you wanted from an extra-terrestrial/sci-fi movie. I am not super into the alien thing but my word... this is something else. It took me awhile to finally see it in theatre's and I could kick myself now for waiting so long.

Amy Adam's is always a treat to watch on screen and she really goes outside the character's we have come to know her by. There's something about her that feels naturally sweet and subdued which is perfect for this role. And of course Jeremy Renner is equal to her like-ability which is great in a movie that has as much suspense as this one.

I've have personally never seen an alien movie done so flawlessly without a moment of being slightly ridiculous. As much as I love E.T. we have come lightyears ahead in terms of how we want alien's to be portrayed in film.

Rating: 8.5/10

If you have had the chance to see any or all of these films, let me know what you think/thought in the comments below! And if you have seen a film that is up for best picture let me know so I can be sure to put it on my watchlist.

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