Back at it with another travel guide today! I figured I should definitely just splurge all the information out before I forget everything. Truth be told I really like writing travel blogs because it makes me feel good about spending so much money traveling (lol). But, in all honesty, it also makes me nostalgic to return to those places. 
I really loved everything about our holiday to Vancouver, B.C. The people, the sights, and the atmosphere were all absolutely incredible. Although it was freezing - which sometimes trapped us indoors - I wouldn't trade a single second of this trip. So here is my Vancouver Travel Guide for you!

Davies Street Rainbow Sidewalks

Beautiful Mountain Range Outside Vancouver

Freezing in Stanley Park

Totem Poles in Stanley Park

Day 1

We arrived in Vancouver on Friday around 2pm and had to check into our AirBNB. A little warning, most cities/buildings are trying to outlaw AirBNB and Vancouver is definitely one of them. If you can find one in the city just stay hush about where you are. 

Being the hungry beings that we are we set out in search of food. Walking down by the waterfront is a definite must. The city is so accessible so you are able to walk from one side of the city to the other in a matter of minutes.

We struggled to find food (which always seems to be the case when you don't know where you're going) and ended up eating at a random pub. I would not suggest it so I won't name it but hey, when you're hungry, you're hungry. 

We initially started with a plan to go out for drinks but all took a little siesta and ended up staying in to watch movies.

Totem Poles at Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Swinging Beast - Capilano Suspension Bridge

Freezing and Shaking on the Bridge

Out on the Cliffwalk (also terrified of heights)

Lovely Fairy Lights in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Day 2

It snowed! I was so happy but at the same time knew it would hinder our sight seeing adventures quite a bit. It was also New Years Eve day which had the city buzzing with preparation. 

For breakfast we went by Davie Street and ate at the Twisted Fork. It was so delicious I couldn't recommend this to you enough. 

While we were waiting for out table we went out to walk down Davie Street to find the Rainbow crosswalks. This is the Gay District in Vancouver so they have some very cute little spurts of pizazz. 

After breakfast we walked down to Gastown. Now, by this point, the snow was coming down like sheets of ice so it was very cold/wet and I am a little disappointed that we didn't get to explore Gastown more because it was adorable. We ended up stopping in a pub called The Blarney Stone for some Irish Coffee's to warm us up. We sat and watched a hockey game with people who were clearly locals. 

We then walked back to the apartment to dry off and get ready for New Years Eve. For the most part we just danced, drank champagne, and danced some more. Once we were ready to brave the cold we went out to The Cactus Club for dinner. 

The food was absolutely amazing I would definitely recommend the calamari and their Moscow Mules. Once we were done with our very long dinner we found a bar called Blackbird that was doing a ticketed event. It was really fun and they played great music that we danced a little bit too hardcore to, not going to lie.

Walking in the Treetops

Walking in the Treetops

Cliff Walk Views

Cliff Walk Views

Day 3

After having the typical lazy morning that one does after New Years we wanted to go outdoors. The nature in Vancouver is breathtaking and unlike anything I've ever seen. We kept joking that one of the mountains in the distance was Mt. Krumpit. 

Stanley Park is like the Central Park of Vancouver. Although it was beyond freezing to be standing near the water, the views were stunning. The Native American influence is still represented by these large, beautiful totem poles. I would love to return here when it's warmer to stroll through the entire park. 

After this we drove to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and oh my word. This place could have an entire post dedicated to it. I had no idea it is basically run like an amusement park. But it is so worth the price because this place is unlike anything I've seen before in my life.

The large suspension bridge was beyond terrifying. Just giving you a fair warning... it sways a lot. And when tons of people are walking across it, taking pictures, maneuvering around you, it sways even more. So if you're unsure of heights just be wary. The views though, 100% worth it.

Once you get across the large bridge there is literally like an elf village up in the tree's. Bridges that loop from tree to tree. It's just amazing and the best part is that they built it with the purpose that none of the bridges would harm the wildlife. Which I think is pretty amazing to see as well.

But wait, there's more! Once you are back on the main side there is the Cliffwalk which is much sturdier than the bridge I can assure you that. Had it not been freezing out (like really, really cold) I could have rewalked that a thousand times just to see the views again.

We went back to the apartment to thaw out after and then went for our last meal in Vancouver. Not realizing that most everywhere is closed on New Years day we settled for a grill place. And we all ate salads because we needed something not fried in oil by that time in the trip.

 Walking by the Water in Downtown Vancouver
This was called Canada Place

In the End

I absolutely loved being back in a city. I didn't realize how much I missed being surrounded by buildings until I looked out of our AirBNB and saw all the apartments, hotels, businesses raised high around us. 

If I were to return I would go during the summer or fall, map out every place I want to eat, and also go see some of the surrounding islands as well. But I feel so happy and returned home ready to kick butt in the new year. Did you travel anywhere over the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I loved this post, it made me miss Vancouver and also reminded me that I need to write up a post with some of my photographs. :) HAYLEY \\ Echo Luna Luxe