So happy to be writing my first post of 2017 and I am so glad that it is a travel post! I've been back from my holiday for about three days but, of course, there were 3 million tasks I needed to accomplish when I returned. Not to mention that little thing called work.
But my god, I feel so much better. I feel fan-frickin-tastic! This holiday was EXACTLY what I needed. As the plane took off this past Thursday I could feel the pressure lifting off of me. All the negative energy of my routine had been weighing on me so hard for the past three months. I had honestly felt like I lost myself in all of it. 
But driving into Seattle I felt a type of elation that I hadn't felt in a long time. A giddy sort of joy that I was desperately needing. I have wanted to visit Seattle for years and knowing that I was finally there, checking off my bucket list, was so satisfying. We only had a short (too short) 24 hours before we had to pack up and head to Vancouver but we fit in as much as we could in that short amount of time. So here is my guide for you!

Pikes Place Market

Waiting for a table at Athenian Inn

About to Eat the Greatest Clam Chowder

Grey Skies Above Pike Place

The Founding Father of Starbucks


12:00 pm Check into Hotel

We stayed at the Motif Hotel because it was central to where we wanted to be. I mean it was mere blocks away from Pikes Place Market which was perfect. After freshening up we ventured down to Pikes!

1:00 Lunch at Pikes Place Market

Ugh the food, the smells, the energy. All the hustle and bustle of crowds! It felt so surreal to actually be there. And we were starved. I, being the willful child that I was, had never had Clam Chowder before. My sisters convinced me that I would LOVE it so we set off to find Clam Chowder and holy crap did we ever!
We ate a restaurant in Pikes called Athenian Inn. I could shed a tear just thinking of how unbelievable their clam chowder bread bowl was. I would absolutely go back and drive directly to that restaurant if I were to return.

2:00 Get Coffee at the First Starbucks

As tired as we were (which was very) it was definitely time for coffee after lunch. So what better place to go than the first Starbucks? The line was not as bad as I expected to be. For the most part people just want to take pictures of the outside so I feel like we got lucky.
I got the pikes place reserve of course and also felt as basic as I could be!

2:30 Gum Wall

Can you really visit Seattle and not see a disgusting gum wall? Yeah, maybe you can. But it was on the way to the waterfront so we marched down, popped a piece of gum in our mouths and made our mark.
Forever immortalized on the gum wall, happy day.

Pikes Roast at the First Starbucks Store

Seattle Gum Wall Below Pike's

Down on the Waterfront

Seattle Art Museum or SAM

2:45 - 4 Explore the City

When I lived in New York my absolute favorite past time was just wandering around the city. I could walk for blocks with absolutely nothing else to do but take in my surroundings. So, although it was bitingly cold, we walked down to the water and back up to downtown.
We also ran into the Seattle Art Museum which had the initials SAM (it's the little things).

4 - 5:30 Wine tasting & Beautifying

We were absolutely spent after this excursion so we went back up to the hotel room to recharge. Luckily they had a wine tasting event at the hotel so we went down, drank a few glasses, and headed up to get ready for the night.

5:30 - 6:30 Space Needle

I have been to Top of the Rock at Rockefeller and to the top of the Empire State Building so, naturally, I had to go to the top of the Space Needle. It was beyond cold and also wet (I knew this going into it) but I was happy we did it in the end. We got some beautiful night time views of the city and I would definitely go back during a nice day to see everything illuminated.

6:30 - 8:30 Thai Food Dinner

We are all thai food lovers and realized that there were tons of Thai food restaurants all around the city. After finding one with good reviews on yelp near the Space Needle we walked over and ended up sitting and talking for hours. The food was good, the conversation was deep, and we were in a beautiful city. What more could I want?

Oh Seattle, You're So Pretty

Breakfast At Seattle Coffee Works

A Little Bit of Latte Art

A Scene Right of Twilight... or a Horror Movie

So Long Washington


7 - 9 Get Ready & Pack Up

We had a lazy morning getting ready and decided that it would be better to head out early for Vancouver since we didn't know how the drive would be. I was so sad to know we were leaving so soon but already thought about coming back with friends (or even a solo trip).

9 - 10 Breakfast at Seattle Coffee Works

We decided a quick breakfast was in order and went to Seattle Coffee Works for the cute atmosphere and great coffee. I got a blueberry scone and latte yum yum yum!

We headed up north to Vancouver and say some of the most gorgeous sights. I kept joking with my sisters that I saw Edward Cullen in the tree's of Washington. I also asked if we could stop in Forks (as a joke... kind of). 
Seattle was beautiful and far too quick so I absolutely hope to make another trip up there for a longer amount of time! Stay tuned for my Vancouver guide as well 

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