Well look who it is, my old friend procrastination. We all do it, don't be ashamed. You thought "Oh I still have the weekend" or "Oh it'll be less crowded on this day. I'll go then." And little by little time creeps up on you until suddenly it's the week before Christmas, there's no weekends left, and you still haven't found the perfect gift for more than half of your family members.
Don't you worry, I did the same! That's why I'm here with a procrastinators gift guide. Who has time to sit and think about what you want to get somebody? You always end up asking your sibling what you think your mum would want anyways (Just me? Every year? Okay.) 
So here's the last gift guide of blogmas dedicated to my fellow Christmas procrastinators. 

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is a GREAT place to get last minute gifts. Don't know what to get? Find them a book, a puzzle, a game, or a CD/Film. I honestly go to Barnes & Noble on my free time just to look at all the cool things they sell. You can get anything from a deck of cards to a vinyl record. 
You heard it here first. Barnes and Noble is the place to go!

Hobby Lobby // Crafting Stores

I think I find most of my favorite presents at Hobby Lobby. If you know someone who loves bracelet making, bird house painting, drawing, wood carving, jewelry stamping, quilting, what have you then this is the place to go. There are so many awesome art projects for kids as well. 
And, there are tons of different craft stores that are exactly the same! My grandmother has a card making business so I go there and load up on stickers, cardstock, stamps, and other extra bits for her to use. She is always so happy and usually I get one of her cards sent to me with the stickers I bought her as well. 

World Market

I love World Market. I think I go there now more than I go to Target... Which is saying something. I buy all my wine there ( I bought a Christmas themed wine there for my holiday party which actually wasn't completely awful!) and any other strange food items I can find. 
They have an entire british foods section that I scan every single time I go. They have awesome tea and coffee but they also sell adorable furniture.
If you have a friend who enjoys bohemian decor World Market is the perfect place to go look for special presents for them. 
If you haven't already stopped by, what are you waiting for?

T.J. Maxx // Home Goods

If you knew how obsessed I was with T.J. Maxx and Home Goods last year you would be a little concerned. When I found out there was a store a few blocks from our apartment in New York I would literally pop in at least once a week. 
There are so many great and affordable gift options in both of these stores. The only reservation I have with T.J. Maxx is their beauty department because I've seen a few articles that show they are putting cheap product in brand name bottles. Which isn't cool, guys. 

So those are my top suggestions for last minute stores! I hope you can find something special at the very last minute for you loved ones. And maybe next year you'll learn your lesson... or not XOXO Sam

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