I need to take minute to decompress after this week. Like it may actually take me the entirety of 2017 to recover from this stressful & anxiety ridden week of doom. But hey! It's Friday! Sadly I had to cancel my Christmas party but I'm still having a few friends over for some drinks and a smaller (and more casual) Christmas kickback.
Also, due to the said craziness of this past week, I have been unable to Christmas shop for anyone! Which sets me back quite a bit if I'm going to be prepared for next week. Why do I do this to myself? Is it because I secretly love the drama of having to make a mad dash for the mall? Someone answer these questions for me while you also check out the articles I came across over the last week! 

Best Photographs of 2016

I think I include a photo series in every weekly roundup but it's because I think they're are so flippin cool. And You honestly can't go wrong with National Geographic Photos. I think the animal one's strike me the most (also warning there is some graphic nature to the photos) but they are so visually stimulating in their own right.

The Royal Family in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This article gave me a good laugh. I love that the Queen has a corgi sweater on and Kate and Prince William are in the conjoined sweater. They also gave Madame Tussaud permission to do this for a charity event! I think they should wear it all year round personally. It really does suit them.

58 Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix

This week has been so busy I haven't had a chance to watch many Christmas movies *sheds a tear*. But it is nice to see that Netflix has such a big selection! While they may not all be Christmas classics, at least you can sit and laugh about how terrible they are. That always brings the family together right?

Treat Yo'Self Essentials to Help You De-Stress During the Holiday Season

Clearly I chose this article because I, myself, need to de-stress right now. I actually need like a 6 week de-stressing vacation but hey, I'll take a pamper evening to myself. Don't forget to take care of your own mental well-being this holiday season! It's okay to show some self-love as well.

I hope the rest of your time until Christmas isn't stressful. Also that you didn't procrastinate on present buying like I did. And that you are enjoying time with family and friends, doing lots of fun holiday activities! Xoxo Sam

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