American Horror Story Finale // My Roanoke Nightmare

I couldn't just ignore the ending of one of my favorite shows so I'll talk about it here!
I really liked this season even if it was like the typical "aesthetically" pleasing season's before it. There were so many great moments and then, naturally, there were some campy or unnecessary bits that I could've done without.
Also I just want to make it known (I already tweeted this) that I called Lee surviving when they announced there was only one survivor... so... yay me. 

These Photos Show How Young People Live On Scotland's Stark And Beautiful Islands

I don't know what it was that made me click on this article but I'm so happy I did. Not only were the photos absolutely breathtaking but these people's lives are so interesting. It is really incredible how a persons geographical location can create a microcosm so apart from the rest of it's neighboring cities. 

The Ultimate Sephora Holiday Gift Guide For EVERYONE On Your List

Give me a good gift guide and I am one happy Sam. I think I wrote on here once (a link to my GIFT GUIDE ON A BUDGET) about how much I love perusing through gift guides on Pinterest. And then of course there is this one from Brit & Co. with SEPHORA GIFTS! Yes, then.

23 Ugly Medieval Cat Paintings That Will Speak To Your Soul

Did you really think I could get through a weekly roundup without putting something ridiculous in there? I saw this the other day and almost fell off my bed laughing. 
When I lived in Spain my sister and I would go to El Prado and there was this one painting that had a creature in it that literally made us laugh for a good half hour. I wish I could find the picture of it but this article reminded me so much of that painting. Ugh, gotta love medieval art. 

I hope your week was heavenly my darlings! Let me know if you liked American Horror Story this season and what articles you were loving this week Xoxo Sam 

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