Holiday Gift Guide When You Have A Small Budget


I love. Let me emphasize more... I LOVE holiday gift guides. There is a pretty large portion of my day that is devoted to going on Pinterest and just perusing through the plethora of Gift Guides for any occasion really. So I decided, why not make one myself? And further more, why not make one I can actually afford. Life gets expensive and the holidays can add some major stress to your bank account. But you shouldn't be sweating about not being able to buy your friends and loved ones expensive and amazing gifts. As the old saying goes: It's the thought that counts.
I am well-known in my house to get people things that I would want... I'm working on it okay! But I think it goes beyond that. I mean I think we all kind of get people the things we want as a way of saying, take it. JUST TAKE IT!
I'm only joking... So without further ado here is a short holiday gift guide for all my fellow scrooges out there!

Gift #1: Essential Acrylic Makeup Organizer - BH Cosmetics - $16.00
I really like how affordable BH Cosmetics is (honestly I feel like this is how much all makeup should cost). This makeup organizer would be completely awesome for your girl friends or women family members who have an appreciation for organization and beauty. How nice is it to have all your makeup presented in an orderly space while also being able to see it all at once! You can find this here.

Gift #2: Josie Maran Whimsical Wonder Argan Oil Color Essentials - $34.00
I feel as though this would be a gift that almost every woman in my family would appreciate. It doesn't force you to be a makeup lover to appreciate natural oils and other products that do wonders for you skin and face. You can find this here.

Gift #3: Bath & Body Works Scentportable Refills: 4 for $10

I think these are just brilliant! They have all of your favorite bath and body works scents but made for portable use. Now you can be jamming out to the tunes in your car while smelling the scent of twisted peppermint or frosted cranberry. And not to mention how adorable the covers are! You can find this here

Gift #4: Minted Wintry Gold Foil-Pressed Paper Ornaments - $6
I feel like parents are always the one's getting other adults ornaments for christmas. And I feel like I finally understand why! It serves as a memory of the year it was given to you. Every time someone decorates their tree they'll hang your ornament and remember you. Is it useful? Not really. But it's a memory and these foil pressed ornaments are so gorgeous I would plan my entire tree theme around them. You can find this here.

Gift #5: American Eagle Cozy Socks - One Set: $12.95
I made a joke on my twitter page the other day saying I could only afford to get people socks or chapstick this year. But honestly I think socks are a great gift. Especially the fuzzy cozy socks! Because now every time someone is snuggled by the fire with their warm sockies on they can thank you. American Eagle has some really adorable sets this year. Heck why not buy them all! You can buy these here

So this concludes the holiday gift guide! Hope you enjoyed it and that your holidays are filled with happy memories, lots of laughs, and most important surrounded by love. 
xoxo Sam 

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  1. i have no idea what to get anyone, really good ideas!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. Amazing ideas ! I love winter:)
    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  3. Definitely putting those socks and the cosmetics organizer on my shopping list :)

    xx Rida Lasne