I don't think that I feel it is right to do a weekly roundup after the happenings this week. I don't think I could sit here, on a platform that I use to express myself, without addressing the obvious heavy rain cloud floating over us all. My heart is heavy after Tuesday, very heavy indeed. 

What I think I am most shocked about was how much of an ignorant bubble I was living in before. How I truly believed what popular media was telling me about the Trump v. Clinton campaign. All the ridiculous chats, jokes, and memes about Trump. All the endorsements, television mentions, and positivity for Clinton. This was all I saw. 

Tuesday night honestly feels very foggy to me. I worked (of course) and was hearing from coworkers what the stats were... but I didn't lose hope. When I got home Michigan went red, and my sister and I sunk deeper into the couch as the horrific reality was setting in. We waited and hoped, hoped and waited until it reached the point of no return.

I know that will be a night that stays with me for a very long time. Facebook was a minefield of hate and outrage, as my heart sunk deeper into my body. Twitter was on my team, my compatriots in this fight. I was grateful to have that social media at that moment. It helped me sit and rationalize with all the others who were doing the same. 

After what felt like hours I fell asleep only to wake up feeling incredibly hungover. A grief hungover, who'd of thunk it? I made the very regrettable mistake of going on Facebook which had escalated to even more chaos than the night before. My timeline was FILLED with a divide so incalculable I fear it will never be mended. 

We are in a divided nation now. You can argue with me, tell me to accept the fate of this nation. But it won't change the disappointment I feel with every fiber in my being. And I hope wherever you are in the world, you join me in this fight for change. It is global just as much as it is national. Spread love like wildfire. Xoxo Sam 

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  1. I'm not American or live in the US but we felt it over here in England too, the disappoint of the Election result. You're right it is Global as well as National as it will effect the world. You're not the only one to be upset by Trump victory or in disbelief that it even happened, the world is in shock sweetie.