Back again for another Thankful Thursday! I honestly feel like the end of the year always brings the best reflections. Where was I last year at this time? What were my hopes, aspirations, dreams for where I thought I would be by now? I can remember exactly what I was doing this time last year and let me tell you... I had a very different vision of what November 2016 would look like.

Not that this is a bad place to be by any means. Actually, it could be a lot worse. Which brings me to today's Thankful Thursday. Being happy with where I am.

Thankful Thursdays

Let's go back to November of 2015. I was in my first semester of Senior year. I was writing my Senior Thesis which pretty much took over my life. And I was living in an apartment in New York City... Flash-forward to now, I'm living at home, working in visuals for a retail company, and applying to jobs in Los Angeles with NO response.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because honestly I'm not! For the most part I am actually really okay with the path I'm on right now. But, as we millennial children do, I am so sick of my current job I could explode. But the fact of the matter is, I have a job. And for the most part it is actually pretty fun! I work with great people, get to be creative, and get really sick discounts not going to lie.

If someone had told me this is where I would be back in November of 2015 I probably would've cried. But as the months went on, I had to accept certain realities. That a) life after college is completely up to you and b) you are going to have to work relentlessly to pursue your passions... even if that means being broke for awhile.

My current job gives me enough time to work on blogging, write scripts and storylines, create content with other creators, etc. And if I could tell my past years self one thing it would be to start learning resiliency. Never take no as an answer. Be as passionate as you possibly can in the pursuit of your dreams.

I can also happily report that I have been learning coding and have now written this entire post using HTML! Yay learning! I really hope to improve the quality of this blog so hopefully you'll be seeing some welcome changes in the coming weeks. Xoxo Sam

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