As cliché as it may be I am such a sucker for Bath & Bodyworks products. It's funny that this company has literally been around for so many years and still comes out with such successful products. The candles are honestly unlike any other candle I've ever had. So, naturally, when my favorite time of the year rolls around I am equally as excited for the B&B Christmas Range. 

Here are a few of my current favorites from the Christmas line!

Vanilla Snowflake Candle

So I was initially a little less enthusiastic for this candle than I was for other scents. For me vanilla scents can be kind of ... vanilla (uf what a joke). But it's true! However, this scent has totally grown on me. 
The notes are Creamy Vanilla, Iced Fir, Wintry Mint, and Coconut Flakes. It makes my room smell so delicious even when the candle isn't burning. I also am a sucker for the light blue color and will be so, so sad when it burns out!

Twisted Peppermint Hand Soap

Oh my looooorrdddd, I love this scent. Last year I bought Twisted Peppermint in a lotion and was so upset when I ran out of it. They were having a great sale on Hand Soaps so I popped in to grab this one specifically. 
What I love most about B&B hand soaps is that the smell is so powerful it lasts like a perfume. I know not everyone likes this but if I'm washing my hands before work, it makes me feel cleaner to smell the scent on my hands. 
The notes for this one are sweet peppermint, sugared snow & vanilla buttercream.

Gingerbread Latte Body Lotion

As much as I was tempted to buy the twisted peppermint scent for lotion, I decided to go with a different scent. Gingerbread scents can go one of two ways for me but I instantly loved this sweet fragrance. I think it may be a little more vanilla than gingerbready (new dictionary word) but it still amazing. 
Their lotions are so moisturizing and, like the hand soap, lingers for so long. Never mind that I smell like a mix of peppermint and gingerbread all day long. Hey, that's what Christmas if for right! The notes for the lotion are Santa's Gingerbread, Frosted Pear, Brown Sugar, Vanillla Latte, Whipped Cream. 

I highly recommend you try all the products above and let me know what some of your favorite B&B scents are this holiday season! 6 weeks to Christmas woop woop Xoxo Sam

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  1. Haha I love this!! I feel the saaaame exact way about BBW! Been around forever and we still go back! Love your winter picks- I'm needing to stock up for winter myself! Love the peppermint scent and vanilla though I know what you mean-Vanilla is so vanilla haha! I did a fall BBW post with similar sentiment if you ever want to check it out. Fun post, thanks!
    XX Jen