Here we are, another weekly roundup but now in November woohoo! There are so many things to be excited for this month and the buildup is slowly crushing me. I'm someone who always time to go faster but then totally freak out when I think about how fast it went. For example, this week I kept thinking it was a day earlier than it actually was! Something about Halloween being on a Monday threw off my schedule.
Anywho... Happy Weekly Roundup day!


Emma Watson is Secretly Leaving Books on the London Tube

I am honestly so obsessed with Emma Watson it may be turning into a slight problem. So when I saw she was leaving books around the London tube I just about died. I mean come on... she is literally Hermione IRL.

"Ugly Girl in Glasses" Theory

I think this whole theory is absolutely hilarious and also very, very true. Why else do people associate glasses with being a "nerd"? I'm happy that people are becoming more aware of the way Hollywood shapes our ideas and way of thinking in modern culture. And with that being said, I still love movies with makeover scenes... sorry.

How To Style Maiden Braids

I have a tough relationship with braiding. It's almost like my fingers don't work properly anytime I set out to do a braid. And it's not even just on myself! It's on other people too. I really like this blogger's tutorial because it seems semi-less complicated than others I've seen. And I LOVE the look of maiden braids. So... hopefully I don't make too much of a tragic mess of this.

The 20 Greatest TV Couples of All Time

My top couples: Jim and Pam, Ross and Rachel, Carrie and Big, Marshall and Lily, and Chuck and Blair. Ugh, nothing better than a TV romance to give you unrealistic expectations.

P.S. I have not listened to anything but Christmas music since 12am November 1st. Not sorry Xoxo Sam

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