Wow, this is actually the first time I'm reviewing a Youtube series on my blog. But, trust me guys, this one is truly unique. The shortened title of the show is "Poe Party" but it is also title "Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Party Dinner." 
Alright all my literary nerds out there! This one's for you. 

Poe Party Review

So first here's a little background on how I came across Poe Party. If you haven't already heard of it, there was a Youtube series awhile back called "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries." I absolutely LOVED how they modernized Pride and Prejudice and, as we modern folk do, followed the actresses on Instagram. 
I recently saw that the character Lizzie Bennet, played by the impeccable Ashley Clements, was dressed in period garb. Only to find out later that she was portraying Charlotte Brontë. So I was instantly intrigued. 

The Plot

The whole show begins with Edgar Allan Poe, with the aide of Lenore (a title of one of his works), throwing a dinner party. As the cast is unveiled we see other historical literary heroes such as; Charlotte Brontë, Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, H.G. Wells, Emily Dickinson, Maryann Evans (aka George Eliot), Agatha Christie, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mary Shelley, and Louisa May Alcott. Poe is enamored with another attendee, Annabel (also a title of one of his last works) who brings along another man... Don't want to spoil anything for you but a murder actually occurs amongst the partygoers. They attempt to solve the mystery while also exhibiting hilariously accurate depictions of their real life counterparts. 

The Acting

I really can't hype up this series to you any more but... let me attempt it. The acting in this is truly incredible. If you have any sliver of knowledge about the real characters they are portraying, you will immediately be sucked in.
I have to say, my favorite character had to be Oscar Wilde. His little quirks were brilliantly displayed by the actor. If you've ever wanted to sit down and have dinner with your favorite writer, I would say this comes pretty dang close.

The Setting

It all takes place in an artfully decorated home full of amazing detail. The setting truly adds to the experience as the characters are stuck in confined spaces (much like the early 20th century Murder Mysteries were) which only adds to the suspense.

There are so many moments where you think you've figured out who had done it. But the twist is the best part! I really can't recommend it enough and I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did Xoxo Sam

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