So I'm just going start out the post by saying something kind of vain and then get over it. I'm pretty dang good at getting people to like me. I'm not saying I float everyone's boat by any means but, for the most part, I'm not a difficult person. There is, however, a person at work who has chosen to start drama. And so we begin.

The dynamic at my work is really, really great. Like I've never worked at a place where everyone genuinely enjoys each others company. When I started working there I had no clue I'd make such great friends with not only my coworkers but bosses as well.

Until... this person began. I went to high school with them but never really knew them beyond that. I was nice, friendly, and joked around. They responded with being cold and reserved, which is fine if that's how you are. I honestly didn't think anything of it until I was at a coworkers birthday dinner and they told me she had been talking badly behind my back.

But not only that, she apparently asked them why they choose to be friends with me and also that I'm too "perfect." I LITERALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD. But, and this is honest, I brushed it off and chose to give her the benefit of the doubt. People go through hard times and project on other people. Be above it, you know?

Unfortunately these little jabs at me didn't stop happening behind my back. It got to the point yesterday where I heard that she talked to someone who only works there once a week. Someone I hardly even know. This is not okay. 

Step One: Sleep On It

Take the issue home with you first. Sure, I could've blown up. Confronted her in front of everyone but 1) I don't know how she reacts to confrontation 2) I hadn't given myself time to digest it. If I hadn't thought about what I wanted to confront her about it could've been handled all wrong. I would've said things I didn't mean out of hurt and anger. So all I'm saying is sleep on it.

Step Two: Ask For Help

Talk to a superior. It doesn't have to be the top dog in your company but find a manager you're close to and let them know the situation. See if they have tips or if they can moderate the situation for you. Having bad energy at the workplace is so unnecessary. If it can be resolved peacefully, definitely get higher advice first. 

Step Three: Let It Go

Once you've confronted them, depending on how they handle it, move on. You defended yourself, you said your peace, and now it's time to get over it. Don't shoot mean glances their way or spread gossip behind their back. Drop the topic and, unless the person hasn't gotten the point, look forward. 

As uncomfortable as confrontation is (trust me I'm a Taurus, we hate confrontation) sometimes it really helps ease a situation. Also think about what the other person could be going through that would make them say these things. There's always a reason behind someones anger that usually has nothing to do with you. I hope these tips helped you in your situation and wish me luck in mine Xoxo Sam

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