Honestly, is there anything better than Marvel movies? Seriously, I'm not even a comic book fan but there's something about Marvel that I absolutely go crazy for. I'm also not an action movie fan (long fight scene's still make my eyes gloss over) but I go to see superhero movies in theatre every.single.time. 
No surprise here that I was ecstatic for Dr. Strange to finally come into the theatre's. Due in part, I can't lie, to the casting of Benedict freaking Cumberbatch as the lead. He was honestly made to play this part in my not so humble opinion. 
I almost yelled at my coworkers when I found out they were going to see the movie after our shifts. Which brings us now to this little review!  


Overall Rating: 8/10
Acting Rating: 9/10
Special Effects Rating: 1,000/10

I really had no clue what to expect from the plot perspective of the film. I knew just from a few trailers that the powers of the characters came from their mind as opposed to their physical bodies. Which, of course, I think is important for people to think about. It's not always how physically strong you are but also knowing how to exercise your mental faculties. 
I think I was almost equally as excited to see Rachel McAdams as Dr. Stephen Strange's love interest, Christine. They always seem to know exactly how to pair actresses and actors together in Marvel for great chemistry. 
What came as an even bigger shock to me was how great Tilda Swinton was in the film. I can't lie to you, I'm not usually a big fan of Tilda. I think she's a great actresses but something about her just kind of irks me. But twas not the case here! She was so likable as the Master Sorceress and added a lot of laughs to the film as well. 
If there was anything I could complain about it would be the levitation looked corny sometimes but I don't know how they can avoid that. I think that special effect looks kind of ridiculous no matter how great the graphics are. 

So there you have it! I can't express to you enough how great this flik was so go now, go go go! Xoxo Sam 

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