This summer I did so well at keeping a good pace with reading. I mean granted 75% of my summer reading consisted of all seven Harry Potter books (as well as Cursed Child)... but still, I was happy with myself. Then I made the slightly foolish decision to read all the Jane Austen novels after having loved rereading Pride and Prejudice. But honestly my heart wasn't as into it as my head was and since then I haven't picked up one book. NOT ONE! 
It is so unlike me not to have at least three books on rotation at one time but something has really changed. I also feel like my attention span for things is less and less recently. For example, I can be really excited to watch a show but then lose interest half way through. Something is seriously wrong... HELP!

Soooooo this post is meant to start holding myself accountable. Maybe I won't read ALL of the books on this list but hopefully I can find the inspiration in one of them to get back into a good reading rhythm. Here are my picks for Fall Reading: 

The Trespasser: A Novel
by Tana French

Synopsis - Detectives Steve Moran and Antoinette Conway are now partners on the Murder Squad. They’ve been handed a case that at first looks like every other low-energy domestic they’ve ever been given--but during a routine interview, the murdered woman’s friend drops a clue that leads them to suspect this could be bigger than they had imagined. Much bigger. Contentious squad room politics add to their frustration as the detectives are led in conflicting directions by red herrings, dead ends, and warped perceptions.

By Gaslight: A Novel
by Steven Price

Synopsis - William Pinkerton is already famous, the son of the most notorious detective of all time, when he descends into the underworld of Victorian London in pursuit of a new lead on the fabled con Edward Shade. William’s father died without ever finding Shade, but William is determined to drag the thief out of the shadows. Adam Foole is a gentleman without a past, haunted by a love affair ten years gone. When he receives a letter from his lost beloved, he returns to London to find her. What he learns of her fate, and its connection to the man known as Shade, will force him to confront a grief he thought long-buried. A fog-enshrouded hunt through sewers, opium dens, drawing rooms, and séance halls ensues, creating the most unlikely of bonds: between Pinkerton, the great detective, and Foole, the one man who may hold the key to finding Edward Shade.

Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down
by Anne Valente

Synopsis - The lives of four teenagers are capsized by a shocking school shooting and its aftermath in this powerful debut novel, a coming-of-age story. As members of the yearbook committee, Nick, Zola, Matt, and Christina are eager to capture all the memorable moments of their junior year at Lewis and Clark High School—the plays and football games, dances and fund-drives, teachers and classes that are the epicenter of their teenage lives. But how do you document a horrific tragedy—a deadly school shooting by a classmate? Struggling to comprehend this cataclysmic event—and propelled by a sense of responsibility to the town, their parents, and their school—these four "lucky" survivors vow to honor the memories of those lost, and also, the memories forgotten in the shadow of violence. But the shooting is only the first inexplicable trauma to rock their small suburban St. Louis town. A series of mysterious house fires have hit the families of the victims one by one, pushing the grieving town to the edge. Nick, the son of the lead detective investigating the events, plunges into the case on his own, scouring the Internet to uncover what could cause a fire with no evident starting point. As their friend pulls farther away, Matt and Christina battle to save damaged relationships, while Zola fights to keep herself together.
Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives
by Tim Harford

Synopsis - Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives celebrates the benefits that messiness has in our lives: why it’s important, why we resist it, and why we should embrace it instead. Using research from neuroscience, psychology, social science, as well as captivating examples of real people doing extraordinary things, Tim Harford explains that the human qualities we value – creativity, responsiveness, resilience – are integral to the disorder, confusion, and disarray that produce them. 

Let me know what you think or if you have books that you are dying to share I would love to hear! And on to day 10 of Blogtober we go Xoxo Sam

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