I think there is one dream I have in life that I am pretty positive will never come true. What wish could that be? To find a time machine that would take me back in history. Literally nothing could make me happier than walking around Versailles at the time of Marie Antoinette or walking along the banks in Paris in the 1920's. But alas, that is just not really an actual possibility (still doesn't make me want it any less either).
Why do I bring this up? Well, on Friday I drove down to San Diego to celebrate my step-dads 60th birthday. My mom decided to visit Balboa Park for the day since no one had been for quite a long time and I myself had never been. And lordy lord... IT WAS AMAZING. 
Just some back ground on Balboa Park, it was the site of the World's Fair in 1915. The best part? Nothing has been changed since then and it is incredible. If I ever want to pretend my dream of time traveling was a reality, this is a perfect place to start. Here are some photos I took of this unreal place and I hope you enjoy!

Balboa Park

Today is actually officially my step-dads birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  

One of my favorite exhibitions was the Botanical Garden. I felt like I was in a jungle full of strange plants and incredible flowers.  

We also went to the Museum of Photographic Art to see the Beauty and the Beast Exhibit. (I may have thought they meant the Disney movie but... I digress.)

I just about died when I saw these Electriquette's that were actually used in 1915 to drive the people around the park!

It was such a fun and gorgeous day out in Balboa Park. If you are ever in the San Diego area or are thinking of a trip to Southern California, you really can't miss this place. See you soon for Blogtober Xoxo Sam

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