Sometimes the nostalgia of holidays is incredible to think about. There are so many memories packaged into one day. All of the changes of your life can be marked by what you did that day a year ago, five years ago, or even 45 years ago. As a child, who was there holding your hand when you walked to the door? As a teenager, were you going to cheesy discos or still secretly trick-or-treating? As an adult, where are you headed on halloween night or do you sit by the door waiting for the new wave of children to come ask for sweeties? 
There is so much power in holidays and sometimes those past memories can even make you feel sad or angry. Maybe you feel anxiety whenever someone mentions Christmas or New Years because old feelings from years past rise to the surface. Either way many of these holidays are milestones in your life. That's why I thought it would be fun to look back at old halloween costumes just as a little reminder of what I was doing at this time years ago!

If anyone actually remembers what a sky dancer was I commend you! The most random costume award. 

 And the memories don't stop there! I spared you all the middle school costumes because there has to be a limit to the cringe. But I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love if you would share some funny/embarrassing/cherished childhood photos from Halloween! And also come back for day 7 (omg a full week?!?!) to see my Fall Makeup Routine Xoxo Sam

The nosiest worm there ever was. If you have an animal you know the struggle!!

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