I think my body is finally functioning normally again after Thursday. There are honestly hardly any words I could say that can describe how I felt when I first saw a glimpse of this incredible attraction. I may joke with friends about being a "nerd" but at that moment I didn't care if anyone saw how ecstatic I was. Todays Blogtober post will be all about the incredible Harry Potter World experience at Universal Studios Hollywood. 
Are you ready?


Just a prewarning, I'm going to try to limit myself on photos but... no promises. They are all just so great! 

My First Impression

From the minute they announced that the Hollywood Universal Studios would be opening a Harry Potter attraction I felt summoned there. We had been planning for months to go but no one could get schedules right, we wanted to wait until after summer for the crowds to die down, and there always seemed to be something in the way.
When we FINALLY pinned everyone down on a date I circled it on my calendar and counted down the days until it arrived. I was so afraid it would be a let down just because of how much I built it up in my mind. It wasn't... I can tell you that.
My mom is a die hard fan, as well, and her best friend and my best friend are great appreciaters of both the books and movies. With this group we trundled right along into the park with the crowd. I wish I could explain how I felt when we saw Hogsmeade for the first time. I couldn't get the cheesiest grin off my face for the entire first hour. 

The First Ride

I wish I was lying when I say the Harry Potter Experience Ride in Hogwarts is probably one of the best rides I've ever been on. My mom actually cried she loved it so much. And then we rode it three times. I don't want to give anything away because I think not knowing what to expect was the best part!

The First Butterbeer

I am so so happy to report that it was better than I expected. Actually, it was frickin' amazing! I am a sugary drink person (Icees, milkshakes, etc.) so I thought the frozen butterbear was superb. My friend who doesn't really like them could only drink about half but still thought it was tasty. So just something to keep in mind in terms of preferences.

The Shops

The detail... THE DETAIL! It killed me. Honestly, I thought it was so incredibly well done down to the friendliness of all the workers. Everyone was so kind, excited, and best of all, authentic. As much as I hated being called a muggle (lol) it kept the false reality alive.

In the End

I have to admit it to you... I bought a season pass at the end of the day. I just can't imagine not being able to go back there around the Christmas season. What I loved most of all about this day as well was seeing all the people, young and old, being as equally as excited as I was. People dressed in their own robes (even though it was 100 F/37 C), buying interactive wands and waving them at the store fronts, and just genuinely being happy! 

I don't think I could recommend a visit more, either to the Orlando or Hollywood attraction, if you're a Harry Potter lover you must visit. I hope your day is extra magical Xoxo Sam

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