So, like most people, horror movies don't really float my boat. It isn't that I think they're scary but actually quite the opposite. I either find them so unbelievable that I laugh the whole time or am disgusted by how gruesome they are. But of course there are plenty non-horror Halloween movies that are as classic as any Christmas movie out there!
As a film lover I had to compile my top list of movies that centre around this season/holiday... if you consider Halloween a holiday??? So here it is friends:


I had to put this at the top of my list only because it is my first memory of Halloween. For some reason I can remember being very young, watching ABC Family's Thirteen Days of Halloween or Disney Channel Original Movies and this was ALWAYS ON. There is no movie that gets me more excited for October than this film. 

Nightmare Before Christmas

I really do wonder if people consider this a Christmas film... For me, however, I find it to be strictly Halloween. The songs are beautiful and for some reason I am always in awe of stop motion animation. 

Hocus Pocus

Need I say more? The Sanderson Sisters ARE Halloween.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

For some reason ONLY this first film feels like it belongs on this list. I mean I watch it all yearlong of course but... I stand by my decision to have this in my Autumn/Halloween movie selections. 

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

I swear our mother made us watch this film. every. bloody. year. No matter how much we moaned, she would force us to sit down and watch Charlie Brown. And you know what? Now I purposefully sit down and watch this movie WITHOUT being forced. And of course when I have children I will make sure to do the exact same thing. 

Autumn in New York

And now comes my unhidden obsession with Winona Ryder. Autumn in New York was my favorite film to watch when I lived in New York. I felt like it really captured the beauty of the season and also... had Winona Ryder. 

Girl, Interrupted

Maybe it's the somberness or the dreary attitude of this film but it is the closest movie to a thriller that I would put on this list. I absolutely love this film because 1)Winona 2)Angelina and 3)The 60's. If you haven't already I highly recommend watching this on a rainy day. 


Last but not least, Beetlejuice is obviously absolutely brilliant and should be watched continuously throughout the year. But I definitely overdo it just around Halloween time because "I myself am strange and unusual."

Some close contenders: Caspar & Edward Scissorhands

I would love to hear a list of your favorite Autumnal films (unless they're horror... okay maybe). Don't forget to follow along for the rest of October! Xoxo Sam 

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