Well 2016, I think I can mark you down as the fastest year in the history of years. Even saying the word October feels strange and mysterious. I am so excited to be attempting Blogtober this year. I feel like it will be a wonderful creative outlet to use as a diversion from other areas of my life. But before we dig into October, (there will PLENTY of that in the next 30 days) let's take a look back at the cool things I was lovin' the month of September.

Women's Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee (here) //  Women's Button Front A-Line Skirt (here) // Michael Macie Chelsea Bootie (here) // Garnier Skinactive Micellar Water (here) // 

Misc. //

Books: My summer reading momentum came a startling halt this month. Honestly the time really just got away from me and I was not digging the Jane Austen vibe anymore. I am in dire need of a good read (especially a good horror novel) if you have any suggestions!
Movies: I finally watched Zootopia! I felt like I was in a lonely circle of people who hadn't watched this animated film and it was so adorable! I also went to the theatre with my sister and watched Bridget Jones' Baby. It was at times cringe and other times absolutely hysterical. Definitely a chick film in every way, shape, and form.
Television: UM HI AMERICAN HORROR STORY, HI SCREAM QUEENS, HI MASTERS OF SEX, HI ONCE UPON A TIME. I am back in my t.v. element!!! God bless fall T.V. 
Music: Don't worry I didn't forget about the fall playlist I was supposed to make last month... oopsy! (hint hint at a blogtober post)

Happy Blogtober to all! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about my Favorite Halloween Movies
Xoxo Sam

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