If you didn't know this already about me I really love film. Like, my future career goals are centered around working in the film industry (hence why I'm living at home with my parent's still lol). I even had a *very very short lived* blog that was going to review all of IMDB's top 100 movies! So why not do a little movie review for anyone who is thinking about or has already seen The Girl On the Train? 


I went Friday night with my sister and her roommate. I believe her roommate had read the book, as had I, but my sister was only a quarter of the way through. 
The excitement was real to see this movie. I grabbed lunch with a friend last week who told me she hated it but I was not to be persuaded! That's another thing you should know about me. I don't take anyone's opinion but my own when it comes to films. Everyone has different preferences and attention spans, likes and dislikes. If you wanted to see the movie but someone else said it was bad, find out for yourself! 
I had read the book months ago and even recreated the cover in my photoshop class in Uni. To say I loved this book was an understatement. Just like Gone Girl, I devoured it. That's why I was so ready for this movie to come out! 

Review //

Overall Rating: 6/10
Acting Rating: 5/10
Wig Rating: 0/10

Emily Blunt was brilliant and really showed her incredible skills at acting. Playing a drunk can get cheap really easily. I don't doubt she studied the behaviors of alcoholics and mimicked the characteristics of drunks. There wasn't a moment that I felt she overacted and was genuinely mesmerized by her performance. 
The supporting cast was definitely a hit and a miss. The girl who played Meaghan, while beautiful, lacked the depth of the character in the story. It may have been because they didn't get into her head as much as the book can but I still didn't see this woman aching for escape. Anna was just a wrong choice of actor all together. Her horrible wig made no sense... why not just hire an actress who has blonde hair?? And Justin Theroux was okay but... well I don't want to ruin the ending. 
I still will never understand why they changed the location from London/England to New York ESPECIALLY since Emily Blunt kept her accent? My sister was so confused why no one else was speaking with a British accent. If I hadn't known they changed the location, I would've been equally confused. 
I definitely recommend anyone who loves a mystery to see the movie! There's also a chance I would see it a second time in theatre just for Emily Blunt's fantastic acting.

If you've seen it or are thinking about seeing it let me know in the comments down below Xoxo Sam

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